News 30 May 2012

CDR Yamaha continues mid-season title sponsorship hunt

CDR Yamaha continues to search for a suitable title sponsor during the current mid-season break of the Monster Energy MX Nationals.

CDR Yamaha is racing without a title sponsor in 2012. Image: Alex Gobert.

CDR Yamaha continues to search for a suitable title sponsor during the current mid-season break of the Monster Energy MX Nationals, but team owner Craig Dack admits that the current state of the sport isn’t making it a straightforward process.

Dack, whose team is celebrating 20 years in the sport during 2012, has unleashed on the way Australian motocross and supercross is currently being handled, becoming increasingly frustrated as he looks to replace Rockstar Energy Drink following a shock 11th hour split in January.

“Rockstar pulled out at the last minute,” Dack told “I went over there in September to renew after we’d been with them for four years. Everything was looking good for our next five to six-year term, then throughout summer we were going back and forward on bike designs and all of that.

“At that point there didn’t seem to be any issue, then in January we got an email from the CEO over there saying that they were pulling out of nearly all sponsorship in Australia and that the market’s not working for them.

“That left us high and dry, which was unprecedented – in the 20 years I’ve never had that happen to me before. It was very disappointing and made it very difficult for us this year.”

Despite winning the previous four MX Nationals titles and last year’s Australian Supercross Championship with Jay Marmont, as well as currently leading the MXN series with Josh Coppins, sourcing backing has proven a difficult process.

Dack said its a mixture of a lot of things that are hampering CDR’s search at the minute, including the lack of an Australian Supercross schedule to be released for 2012 as we reach the mid-point of the year.

Former champion Dack remains one of the most popular identities in the sport. Image: Alex Gobert.

“Unfortunately with television going out of motocross and, as we sit here right now, the disgusting situation that we all find ourselves in is that we don’t even know where and when we are racing in Australia this year for supercross,” he continued.

“So you know, it’s made that side of it for me to go and sell sponsorship outside of the industry a very, very difficult task. Pretty much without television or without any supercross series to sell, what am I selling? I’m selling a whole lot of ifs, buts and maybes.

“It’s a good example for the industry to see us, CDR, as an example of the lack of professionalism in this industry at the moment, what kind of problems it can cause teams.”

Dack said that the team does have plans in place to soldier through 2012, but remains in the marketplace on the search for a suitable title sponsor.

“We have a plan, although it will be very tough for us, and we are still out there in the marketplace seeking naming rights sponsorship for the team outside the industry. Our budget has been substantially affected this year,” he added.

“We are looking for someone that will be interested in long-term, we don’t just want to jump into any short-term stuff and we want to pick the right one. That’s where it’s at right now.”

During CDR Yamaha’s unmatched 20 years in the sport, the team has enjoyed naming-rights partnerships with a variety of outside industry brands including Peter Jackson, Miller, Nokia and Rockstar.

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