Products 25 May 2012

Review: 2012 100% Racecraft Goggle rates 100%’s brand new Racecraft premium motocross goggle.

When 100% made its return to motocross at the beginning of 2012, many were excited to welcome to iconic brand back to the sport. Legendary in the 1980s and ’90s, the brand featured a variety of unique products including decals, and casual wear.

After a number of years out of the spotlight, 100% returned at the start of this year, this time as a goggle company – a division completely new to the brand. Still, it’s been a raging success so far due to a quality product and the unmistakable brand behind it.

The Racecraft Goggle is 100%’s premier motocross goggle available. The Racecraft has outriggers to assist in the fit and balance, plus a removable nose guard that comes standard.

The nose guard is easy to take off or put back on and is compact enough that it’ll fit within the majority of helmets with ease. The attachment is a unique incorporation of the frame co-molding to insure stability and protection.

As far as the foam goes, it’s got three layers and is designed to manage the moisture, aka sweat! It’s been relatively cool since I’ve been testing the goggles, but no arguments from me in this area as the fit is first class.

The lens is an anti-fog coated Lexan® lens, which is clear on my test goggle. You can pay a little extra and get mirror lenses with the Racecraft, which also comes with a spare clear lens.

One of the best things about the 100% goggles are the thick straps at 45mm wide, which is silicon-coated to eliminate slippage. It looks good, the logo is massive and the design stands out big time.

As I mentioned earlier, the co-molding feature of the frame allows the incorporation of patent pending technologies into the frame. The air intake technology channels air into the foam, aiding in moisture management.

What’s more, when you buy the 100% Racecraft goggle, you’ll get 20 standard tear offs and a sweet goggle bag that’s as impressive in quality as the goggles themselves.

If you’re looking for a heap of accessories, 100% has everything from laminated tear offs, vented lenses, multiple tinted lenses and more. There’s also the Accuri goggle that ranks slightly below the Racecraft (more on that later!).

The Racecraft comes in no less than nine different colourways, each featuring their own unique style. Bright colours, sharp lines and lots of variety is the key to each and every colour you can buy.

Alex Gobert puts the 100% Racecraft goggle to the test, looking the part in the Black/White colourway. Image: Charise Weston.

Overall I’m impressed with 100%’s brand new Racecraft goggle for all the factors mentioned above, but the major benefit that I experienced is the additional vision at the top of the google where there frame thins out through the middle. Countless times I found myself looking up through that area in turns.

There are plenty of great goggles on the market right now and they are a personal preference in many ways, but 100% are definitely worth a look. The likes of Justin Brayton, Luke Styke, Kirk Gibbs, PJ Larsen, Chris Blose and more are already wearing them first year in.

For further information on 100% in Australia, head over to the website of the national distributor, Serco, at or ask your local dealer for details.

Purchase Details
Price: $79.95
Colours: Red Destruct, Orange Destruct, Black/White (pictured), Electric Blue/White, Black/Red, White, Black/Yellow, Varsity, Barcode
Distributor: Serco Pty Ltd
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