Products 23 May 2012

Polisport Plastics range available for all 2012 models

Polisport Plastics have announced that their full range is now available for all 2012 models.

Link International sent us the following information on the Polisport Plastics range for 2012:

Polisport Plastics has announced that a full range of 2012 model plastics including the new Kawasaki KX450-F are now available.

The plastic kits include the front number plate, both front and rear fenders, the side panels and the radiator shrouds.

Polisport has also produced individual plastics for most 2012 models, along with Polisport’s huge range of motorcycle plastics, headlights, hand guards, protective gear, folding bike stands, chain guards and sliders.

Full kit prices start at $149.00 inc GST.

These plastics will soon be available in Australia through the Polisport Importer, Link International.

For more information on the range of Polisport products check out