Features 13 May 2012

Qualifying Report: 2012 MX Nationals Rd4 Wanneroo

The Monster Energy MX Nationals, Australian Motocross Championship, has arrived in Wanneroo, WA, at round four of the 2012 series.

The Monster Energy MX Nationals, Australian Motocross Championship, has arrived in Wanneroo, WA, at round four of the 2012 series.

Qualifying took place yesterday afternoon and it was CDR Yamaha’s pre-race favourite Josh Coppins who claimed the pole position in the premier MX1 category.

The former GP runner-up used his sand experience to its maximum, qualifying just under half a second faster than dual British champion Brad Anderson (Carlton Dry Honda Thor Racing).

CDR Yamaha's Josh Coppins topped MX1 qualifying at Wanneroo. Image: Adam Riemann.

Anderson, Todd Waters (Motul Pirelli Suzuki) and defending four-time champion Jay Marmont were all in form chasing Coppins, lapping within 1.1 seconds of the Kiwi overall.

Coppins’ teammate Lawson Bopping completed the top five, while Tye Simmonds was top privateer on his Red Bull-backed Honda in sixth.

Western Australian Dean Porter was a solid ninth, taking advantage of his home track status this weekend to lap inside the top 10.

The MX2 class was topped by DPH Motorsport Honda’s Cheyne Boyd, continuing his strong form on the Wanneroo circuit.

DPH Motorsport Honda's Cheyne Boyd was top qualifier in MX2. Image: Adam Riemann.

Boyd led Serco Yamaha Metal Mulisha Racing’s Luke Styke, the red plate holder 0.7sec in arrears of experienced Victorian Boyd.

Most recent round winner Ford Dale (Carlton Dry Honda Thor Racing) was third and remains in form, while Suzuki riders Adam Monea (Zero Seven Motosports) and Scott Columb (Motul Pirelli Suzuki) rounded out the top five.

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2012 Monster Energy MX Nationals, Australian Motocross Championship
Round Four – Wanneroo, WA

MX1 Qualifying:
1. Josh Coppins 1:47.6
2. Brad Anderson 1:48.0
3. Todd Waters 1:48.5
4. Jay Marmont 1:48.7
5. Lawson Bopping 1:49.0
6. Tye Simmonds 1:49.5
7. Cody Cooper 1:49.6
8. Jake Moss 1:50.1
9. Dean Porter 1:50.8
10. Daniel Reardon 1:52.9
11. Calle Aspegren 1:53.4
12. Beau Ralston 1:53.5
13. Paul Humberston 1:53.5
14. Dylan Peterson 1:54.1
15. Gordon Crockard 1:54.1
16. Daniel McCoy 1:54.3
17. Jamie Shaw 1:54.5
18. Anthony Hicks 1:55.6
19. Mike Phillips 1:57.7
20. Tim Vare 1:58.0

MX2 Qualifying:
1. Cheyne Boyd 1:48.5
2. Luke Styke 1:49.2
3. Ford Dale 1:49.7
4. Adam Monea 1:50.7
5. Scott Columb 1:51.1
6. Kirk Gibbs 1:51.7
7. Kade Mosig 1:51.8
8. Josh Cachia 1:52.6
9. Brock Winston 1:52.7
10. Errol Willis 1:52.8
11. Lewis Woods 1:52.8
12. Kyle Webster 1:52.9
13. Geran Stapleton 1:53.5
14. Luke Arbon 1:54.3
15. Justin McDonald 1:54.7
16. Jye Schaap 1:55.4
17. David Birch 1:55.6
18. Nick Murray 1:55.8
19. Scott Kramer 1:56.1
20. Mitchell Taylor 1:57.9