Products 9 May 2012

Composite ARC Levers now available for Australians

Check out the all-new ARC Mnemlom technology lever which has just been released in Australia.

Lusty Industries sent us the following information on this new product from ARC:

The all-new Mnemlon material enables the ARC lever to flex upon impact white retaining 100 percent of its shape memory.

The new ARC Composite Levers are made from a custom material invented in-house called Mnemlom.

Mnemlom technology is a world first. In partnership with the lever’s shape and design, Mnemlom gives the levers the capability to flex upon impact while retaining 100 percent of its shape memory.

A Mnemlom composite lever can be bent back upon itself completely and still be pulled back into position as if nothing ever happened. This can be done over 50 times and still show no sign of diminishing strength.

Although these levers are extremely flexible, there is no sponge or flex when physically using the lever itself. On top of all that, the new composite levers are approximately 45 percent lighter than their original aluminium counterparts.

The Mnemlom technology enables the ARC lever to return to its normal shape.

• Mnemlon flex and impact absorbance technology
• Back and forward rotation to avoid crash damage when it needs to. Not when you need it
• Smooth and consistent operation
• Reach adjustment capability to fit your hand size
• Minimal weight without compromising on durability
• Backed with a lifetime warranty
• Minimal drag on clamp accessories to avoid crash damage
• Unique easy pull ratio
• Hand made and assembled in the USA

RRP for both clutch and brake lever individually is $99.95 and come with a lifetime replacement warranty.

Teams using ARC levers in the U.S. and Australia include the following:

United States –
Pro Circuit Kawasaki
Factory Kawasaki
JWR Team

Australia –
Monster Energy Kawasaki
Raceline Pirelli Suzuki
Tye Simmonds
CDR Yamaha

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