News 8 May 2012

Confirmed - IEG named new Australian Supercross series promoter

Motorcycling Australia has officially announced that Yarrive Konksy's International Entertainment Group has won the rights to host the Australian Supercross Championship from 2012.

Yarrive Konsky and IEG will take over Australian Supercross promotions in 2012 and beyond. Image: Simon Makker/

Motorcycling Australia has officially announced that Yarrive Konksy’s International Entertainment Group has won the rights to host the Australian Supercross Championship from 2012.

In a multi-year agreement that will span through the 2013 season, IEG will take up where Global Action Sports left off after hosting the series from 2008-2011.

In an exclusive interview with, IEG managing director Konsky said he’s excited to regain the rights to Australian Supercross after hosting a number of rounds during the 2007 season through Full Throttle Sports.

“IEG has had previous experience with supercross and can successfully say the 2007/2008 model worked with respects to crowd numbers, participation, affordability and junior development,” Konsky said.

“IEG have a clear intention to establish common goals and objectives with the industry. Our primary focus is to increase attendance. To achieve this we need to make it more affordable, accessible and desirable for spectators.”

The 2012 series will commence during September or October and will be contested over four rounds, with a plan to increase the presence of the series in 2013 and beyond.

“The championship will commence late September/early October and will run over four rounds,” he confirmed. “Although there aren’t the lead times we would like, I know all teams have budgeted to race as teams and manufactures were only informed of GAS non-continuousness in February.”

IEG, at the direction of Konksy, is currently working on a set plan to evolve the sport in Australia, working collectively with the domestic industry.

“It’s early stages and a collective effort from industry, sponsors, and teams is required to ensure supercross continues to grow,” Konsky explained. “It’s common knowledge that I didn’t agree with everything Global Action Sports (GAS) did, however they didn’t hurt our sport.

“The brand ‘supercross’ is held in high regard by the public, industry and corporate Australia. Chad Reed can be credited for this, as can GAS. Aesthetically their events were world class, their tracks decent and their race management diligent.

“We will be different, but racing is racing. We will bring a side show to the events, its important to value ad when you consider the number of shows, events, competitions you are competing against every weekend with regards to encouraging a crowd to pick your event over another.

“The price of tickets will be more affordable for families and some cross-pollination with other existing events are being considered to entice a new audience to view our sport.

“It’s an easy sport to get addicted to once you have watched it. I would say most of Australia have never seen supercross live. I aim to change that as best I can.

“With regards to formats, IEG would like to return it back to the traditional formats. I don’t want to complicate what works around the world.”

For’s complete interview with Konsky, click here to check it out.

MA CEO David White is looking forward to working with IEG to deliver a new era of Supercross for Australian riders and fans.

“Supercross is an exciting component of Australian Motorcycle Sport and MA is committed to building a strong future for the Championship,” White said.

“We are pleased to confirm the appointment of IEG to promote the Australian Supercross Championship from 2012 through to 2014, with the option to extend.

“IEG has a proven record of delivering major Motorcycle Sport events in Australia, and we are confident they will once again deliver excellent results.

“We look forward to seeing IEG’s vision for the championship translate on the track over the coming three years.”

The 2012 Australian Supercross Championship will be run over four rounds in September, October and November, with a calendar of events to be released in the coming weeks.