News 12 Apr 2012

The Point: 2012 MX Nationals MX1 predictions gets opinions from industry insiders and MX1 rider Ben Townley, on who will take the 2012 MX1 title.

Carlton Dry Honda Thor Racing’s Ben Townley’s days in Australia are numbered before he jets over to the USA to contest the Lucas Oils AMA Motocross Championship for Chad Reed’s TwoTwo Motorsports team. As a result lot of people are questioning who will hold the MX1 number one plate above their head at season’s end?

Going by Townley’s speed and form at Conondale, BT101 would’ve strode away with the championship win if he was sticking around, but who will step up to be the heir to the throne? rounded up a few industry players for their crystal ball predictions on the matter.

Four-time champion Jay Marmont is always a favourite for the title, his experience, speed and determination is hard to look past. Image: Simon Makker/

Joel Ryan, C&R Imports’ marketing manager
With Ben not doing the whole season here in Australia I think Brad Anderson is going to be hard to beat, but in saying that I was really impressed at the speed of Josh Coppins and Billy MacKenzie at the opening round at Conondale. Those three look to have the goods and I think it’ll come down to a bit of a race between those guys, but obviously you can’t count out Jay Marmont and Todd Waters, who were both solid. Both Jay and Todd will improve as the year progresses and I expect them to win races this season.

Dave Ellis, Monster Energy Drink marketing executive
Once Townley’s in the US and the others get a sniff of the blood I think we’re going to see a great battle unfold this year. Any of the Kiwi guys are going to be fast, and Brad Anderson is going to be a standout. Jay Marmont has a knee injury at the moment, but he still finished more than respectably considering he lacked some bike-time leading into Conondale, then got landed on at the end of moto one. There are any of eight guys that can win motos and any of five of those who can win the championship. My pick is for Jay Marmont and Josh Coppins to battle it out for the title, but it’s going to be close.

This year is set to be Josh Coppins' last before retirement, can he take the title with him? Image: Simon Makker/

Ben Townley, Carlton Dry Honda Thor Racing
It’d be hard to go past Josh [Coppins] and Jay [Marmont] after Conondale, depending on what physical state Jay is in. When it’s physically demanding you can’t go past the Lizard. Josh is a salty old dog and he’ll be there until the end of those hard motos. My Carlton Dry Honda Thor Racing teammate Brad Anderson was also strong today in the first two motos finishing second, so no doubt he has what it takes to challenge for this championship and the team’s ready for it.

Sam Moore, VonZipper/Go Pro rider support
I’m going to pick Josh Coppins to win this year. He’s such a solid rider and he isn’t injured, unlike a few of the other guys who are carrying a few niggles. Josh is there every weekend and this championship is about being consistent over the 30 races. He’s an experienced racer who’s seen it all and the longer and harder a race gets the better form he finds.

Kam Williams, MX Nationals commentator
My tip for the championship is Todd Waters. Switching to Suzuki has really suited him and he’s changed up his regime and his attitude. Todd has won more junior titles than Tye Simmonds and I believe he’s really maturing as a rider. He’s all about the championship now and he’s in it for the long haul.