News 23 Jan 2012

MX Nationals formats switch to three-moto structure for 2012

Australian Motocross' pro classes will feature a brand new three-moto format for 2012.

The pro classes will have three races per round in the 2012 MX Nationals. Image: Alex Gobert.

The pro classes of Australian Motocross will feature a brand new three-moto format for 2012 when the MX Nationals commence on 1 April at Conondale in Queensland.

Williams Event Management today announced the formats that competitors will contest during the official Australian Motocross Championship.

Australian motocross continues to create and evolve custom formats specific to the national series, introducing formats that will feature a blend of traditional motos around 30 minutes in length, as well as a mix of spectacular shorter, back-to-back races.

“Everybody has different opinions on formats, some are very traditional and others like the fast-paced shorter format,” WEM boss Kevin Williams explained.

“I think the compromise we have come up with will be a win-win for all. We are very excited about the 2012 championship and I believe that we have the best rider line-up ever, so it’s going to be one season not to miss.”

The formats of the MX Nationals, Australian Motocross Championship, will be structured by the number of laps for each race, rather than timed to a certain length in 2012.

2012 MX Nationals, Australian Motocross Championship, Event Formats:

Pro Open*
2 x 10-lap motos back-to-back and 1 x 16-lap moto (three motos per round)

Pro Lites*
2 x 7-lap motos back-to-back and 1 x 14-lap moto (three motos per round)

Under 19s*
2 x 6-lap motos back-to-back and 1 x 10-lap moto (three motos per round)

Vets 30 to 39
4 x 7-lap motos

Vets 40 Plus
4 x 6-lap motos

Support Classes**
3 x 7-lap motos

4 x 7-lap motos

* Round two (Coonabarabran) will be adjusted, according to the longer track length

** Subject to change at the promoter’s discretion, with approval of the Clerk of Course