Products 18 Jan 2012

Gas Imports introduces 'BioTearOffs' to Australian market

GAS Imports doing their bit for the environment with biodegradable tearoffs.

GAS Imports sent us the following information on the all-new BioTearOffs:

The plasticisers BioTearOff’s use have long been recognised as biodegradable under appropriate conditions (for example in soil burial tests).

It should be noted that despite their inherent biodegradability, BioTearOffs are very stable and do not break down in normal end-use conditions.

BioTearOffs are certified under the strict Vincotte EN 13432 Standard as Home Compostable.

The inherent stability of BioTearOffs allows us to provide a high clarity, rigid and stable product. These properties increase the amount of time that BioTearOffs take to degrade.

This added time for degradation is why BioTearOffs are rated Home Compostable as opposed to Vincotte’s Soil or Water Biodegradable.

The test standards that BioTearOff’s material have been tested under do not include the typically experienced conditions found at motocross tracks or off-road racing facilities.

Many of the environmental factors found at these locations drastically decrease the time that BioTearOffs take to degrade.

These conditions are:
Constant mechanical activity (tilling by tractors, mechanical breakdown by the ‘shredding’ action of tires)
Heavy moisture/high Humidity conditions
Burial/Mulching (tearoffs that have been buried will be “mulched” when track formations change)

BioTearOffs, under the guidelines of EN 14342 will have 90 percent degradation in under 180 days under ideal circumstances. In testing, this time frame has been very accurate for MX and off-road racing facilities.

It should also be noted that BioTearOffs contain no petroleum products and are made from non-food renewable resources. BioTearOffs do not contain any metals of any type. BioTearoffs degrade into elements found in nature and CO2.

Available for goggles: SPY, THOR, Scott, Fox, Oakley, Smith, Eks, Pro-Grip and Dragon.

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