News 12 Dec 2011

Suzuki’s Desalle set to return before the end of the year

Suzuki's Clement Desalle could return to riding before the year's out.

Belgian World Motocross contender Clement Desalle could return to riding within weeks as he continues to recover from shoulder surgery, now setting his sights on the 2012 MX1 title chase.

Desalle is currently taking part in a Suzuki training camp in Portugal, which spans two weeks before concluding on 18 December.

The 21-year-old is reaching a point of impressive conditioning after recovery from two shoulder operations in August and September. He’s in line for a return to the saddle of his RM-Z450 machine before the end of the year.

Joining Desalle at the training camp is new teammate Tanel Leok, as well as Steve Ramon, who has made significant progress after his crash and subsequent spinal trauma at the Grand Prix of Limburg back in August.

The fresh line-up of the Suzuki Europe MX2 division were also turning their bicycle wheels in anger for what has now become an enlarged but traditional annual appointment for Suzuki’s top flight motocrossers.