News 9 Dec 2011

Brand new race format could be introduced to Australian Motocross

Whatever the formats are in 2012, Australian Motocross will be world class. Image: Alex Gobert.

An all-new format could be introduced to Australian Motocross in 2012, with Williams Event Management’s Kevin Williams this week revealing the potential event structure to

A three-race format will likely be introduced, which would feature back-to-back sprint races to commence proceedings, before a more traditional moto of around 30 minutes takes place in the afternoon.

Williams told MotoOnline that the race lengths during the season will be dictated by laps rather than time, but WEM is yet to officially make a decision on the formats.

The idea behind revising the formats is to gain parity between those who excel at sprint races, as well as those who prefer longer motos.

The sprint/endurance format is essentially the opposite of what the series has had in its past when there has been longer motos in the morning, backed up by sprint races to finish.

“We’re close to setting our formats and it currently looks like we’re leaning toward back-to-back sprint motos in the morning and a longer moto in the afternoon,” Williams revealed.

“It’ll be the best of both worlds for both riders who are really dynamic and super fit who can handle the explosive sprint format, as well as the balance of those GP and longer race format riders.

“I believe that we are going to once again see the championship go down to the wire.” understands that WEM may also potentially field select rounds with the four-moto format that was contested this year, plus have other rounds with just two traditional motos.

Williams welcomed the additional international contenders to the series for next season, including former world champion Ben Townley and current British champion Brad Anderson.

Along with defending four-time champion Jay Marmont switching teams for next year and the return of Tye Simmonds from the U.S, the series will be the ultimate beneficiary.

“When you consider the international rider line-up, there are world championship race winners and champions, the current British champion, and also the best of our local talent,” added Williams.

“This series in Australia is clearly becoming one of the very best in the world – you just have to look at the rider line-up that we have.”

The 2012 season is scheduled to commence in Queensland on 1 April, with the location yet to be announced by WEM.