News 8 Dec 2011

MA receives FIM Environmental Award for rehabilitation of Barrabool

Motorcycling Australia has been awarded the 2011 Federation Internationale De Motocyclisme (FIM) Environmental Award for its rehabilitation of the McAdam Park motorcycle facility in Barrabool, Victoria.

The annual Environmental Award aims to encourage environmental awareness in motorcycle sport and to recognise a substantial effort to protect the environment.

MA purchased McAdam Park in 2009, and has worked collaboratively since the acquisition with agricultural consultant Jim Seager to restore and revegetate the neglected motorcycle facility to its former glory.

Seager, an experienced farm manager and consultant, has played a vital role in driving and actioning the successful project.

MA and Seager have worked together to develop and implement an environmental sustainability policy to deliver best practice land care management principles and practices for the site.

Seager has actioned on-going land management strategies to eradicate and manage pests and noxious weeds and restore the land to farming quality, and now utilises the site to run The Lighthorse Suffolk Stud.

The property has been bolstered with the planting of more than 8,000 native species trees, and work has been undertaken to protect water courses, control dust and minimise erosion.

Systems have been put in place to minimise water waste, and sustainable waste and recycling systems have been fitted throughout the venue.

An environmental code has been implemented to ensure noise and exhaust emissions are minimised, and events operate sustainably.

MA president Stephen Foody was honoured to accept the prestigious award at the 2011 FIM Gala Ceremony in Portugal on 4 December.

“We are thrilled to have received this important Environmental award from the FIM,” Foody said.

“MA is committed to building an environmentally sustainable future for our sport, and we are thrilled that this commitment has been formally recognised.

“We understand how important it is for the Motorcycling industry to play a lead role in protecting the environment to ensure the future of Motorcycling both recreationally and competitively.

“We believe that the rehabilitation work at McAdam Park is fundamental for demonstrating best practice principles and for paving the way for other Australian venues to follow suite.

“Two years after the acquisition we are celebrating the difference that we have made to the land through best practice land care management activities and by taking pro-active steps to protect and safeguard the environment.

“MA would like to acknowledge the expertise, time and care Agricultural Consultant Jim Seager has brought to the McAdam Park project.”

MA was selected for the 2011 FIM Environmental Award from a pool of five international candidates, including Federacion Catalana de Motociclismo (Catalonia), Fédération Motocycliste d’Andorre (Andorra), Moto Club Alexander (Macedonia) and Moto Club Lonigio (Italy).