News 6 Dec 2011

Future of Stanmore Park and Reedy Creek tracks updated

Gold Coast City Council CEO Dale Dickson has reportedly apologised after a series of misunderstandings regarding two of Queensland’s most popular motocross complexes.

According to a report on, an independent audit will be conducted into the `mismanagement’ of the Stapylton motocross project.

Stapylton was being built to replace tracks at Stanmore Park and Reedy Creek, which were scheduled to close this week.

Now, Standmore is due to reopen with a redesign according to reports, while Reedy Creek has been given a six-month reprieve.

“It’s appropriate for me to apologise and take responsibility,” Dickson reportedly said. “We might deliver hundreds and hundreds of projects satisfactorily, but this isn’t one of them.”

About 350 people gathered for a protest rally last Saturday at the Gold Coast Motocross Club, including Brisbane Broncos NRL player Ben Hannant and his family.

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