Products 24 Nov 2011

Lockstraps released to protect bikes while travelling

Link International has an all-new tie-down to deter thefts from your bike.

Link International sent us this information on the all-new Lockstrap:

Lockstraps are the latest invention in tie-down systems designed to protect your motorcycle and gear from theft.

Designed with a spring loaded carabineer hook both ends and a combination code they are the perfect deterrent for any would-be thief.

Webbing has a stainless steel braid placed through the centre of the strap so if the strap is cut the braid will stay intact.

Scratch free soft tie extension is still utilised and Lockstrap extends to 2.6metres.

These straps can be used to secure any item in the backs of utilities, vans or trailers where access is easy and temptation visible.

Lockstrap is the first and only combo Locking Tie-Down Strap on the market today and priced at only $59.95RRP, it is the must-have piece of equipment.

For more information on the Lockstrap Tie-Downs, check out or call Link International on 07 3382 5000.

Lockstraps should make it more difficult for theifs to take your bike on the go.