News 17 Nov 2011

Maddo to attempt world record jump at Red Bull's New Year, No Limits

Robbie Maddison will go for another great record in his return to Red Bull's New Year, No Limits event.

Australia’s Robbie Maddison will attempt to jump over 400 feet on New Years Eve in San Diego, California, when he returns to Red Bull’s New Year, No Limits event.

Maddo has made himself world famous with a series of spectacular jumps in the Red Bull-supported concept, including a 322-foot jump in 2007 over a football field and then by jumping onto and off of the Arc De Triomphe at Paris Las Vegas.

“Jumping long distances is a passion of mine and I’m excited to come back for New Years Eve and sail over San Diego Harbor,” said Maddison.

“400 feet is my goal. It’s not all about getting the world record to me, it’s more about understanding this feat and the commitment ahead to achieving what most would consider an impossible jump.”

The current long distance world record is set at 391 feet.

Maddison boasts accomplished freestyle motocross career, with an X Games silver medal in 2010 in Moto X Best Trick and two wins on the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour (Calgary 2009 and Madrid 2010).

He also has a successful history of record-breaking achievements and globally captivating feats. Among them are backflipping across the Tower Bridge in London and clearing the Cornith Canal in Greece..

Red Bull’s annual New Year’s Eve celebration highlights extraordinary athletes pushing their physical, mental and technical limits to break boundaries and records.