Products 16 Nov 2011

JTR releases KTM wheels with SM Pro Platinum rims and Talon hubs

Grab a new set of rims in time for Christmas!

JTR sent us this information on their SM Pro Platinum Limited Edition product:

Talon has just released a new KTM wheel-set, combining the new Limited Edition KTM Orange SM Pro Platinum Rims and Black Talon Billet Hubs to create a very KTM patriotic wheel set.

All wheels feature heavy duty stainless steel Bulldog spokes and Talon’s billet CNC machined hub complete with a three-year warranty.

Available in 21/19” or 21/18” combinations for SX and EXC models from 2002-12.

Cost is $1,495 per pair RRP, available now through your local dealer.

For more information contact John Titman Racing on 07 3245 7499 or visit