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Race Recap with Jay Marmont

MotoOnline.com.au speaks Super X with Marmont after his massive Sydney win.

CDR Rockstar Energy Drink Yamaha’s Jay Marmont was the standout performer at last weekend’s Sydney round of Monster Energy Super X in Campbelltown, the Pro Open victory boosting him back into title contention.

The 28-year-old was in phenomenal form just days following the birth of baby son Jax, completing rhythm sections that no other rider could, while displaying a superior bout of confidence in the first dry round of 2011.

Already adding a fourth MX Nationals title to his mantle this year, Marmont is eager to capture his first official Super X crown, although he is a former dual Australian Supercross Champion from 2003 and 2004.

MotoOnline.com.au spoke to Marmont this afternoon about last Saturday night, his future, and to congratulate him and his family on the birth of week-old son Jax.

Jay Marmont raced to a mega win in the Sydney round of Monster Energy Super X on Saturday night. Image: Rice Photography.

You won your first round of the year in Campbelltown with two wins from the three finals in the Triple Header, which was also the first dry main event of the season. It looked like a special night for you, so how did it feel?

It was awesome. For one, it was nice to race a dry track. It felt good to be able to ride the track how I’ve been practicing during the week. I put in a huge off-season preparing, getting my bike working and also working on technique. The first two rounds were disappointing because of the rain, so hopefully the results over the weekend are a sign of things to come in the last two rounds.

You’re now third in the championship, just two points off the red plate. Following the mud rounds in Melbourne and Wollongong, are you surprised you’re back in contention already?

I was surprised to get back in contention after Wollongong. I got third place, which gave me good points, but not great points. Every one that was up there [after round one] besides [Daniel] McCoy had mediocre rides. I knew I had to do something in Campbelltown, otherwise I wasn’t going to be in contention at all.

Going out there and winning showed the boys that I’m ready for the next two rounds, so I think this weekend coming will be very important because whoever does well will take good momentum into the final round at Ipswich.

You used that final rhythm section, where you were the only one I saw jumping on and skipping off the tabletop, to pass McCoy and Billy Mackenzie in the second final. Did that give you extra confidence? Does it kind of cement in your mind that you’re the man to beat?

You know, I felt like I was good enough to do that section all day. When I finally did it, the track builders had fixed it up a little more and they obviously knew it could be done as well. I did it in the heat after I got around [Chris] Blose and I felt comfortable doing it.

It was always in the back of my mind that if I went to far, or come up short, that it would end nasty, but once I did it a couple of times I knew where to go. In the finals I just threaded the needle, past McCoy the first time and thought it was okay as long as they didn’t move too far to the left.

When I did it again on Billy, it gave me added confidence on the night and I could basically put the bike wherever I wanted to. Everything was working in my favour, so I guess it does give me confidence. The bike’s working really well, so as long as the tracks are good and the weather holds out, I’m sure I can be the man to beat in the championship.

The Super X series has been under a bit of heat lately, some have said it’s not as good as it could be or whatever, so what is your opinion as a rider? It still seems quite good, but I guess the biggest let down has been the weather so far…

For me it’s the weather that has let the series down. Nobody wants to race in mud and it’s not what we practice every day for. You can’t judge a series from racing in the mud, so they need to think of something they can do if it’s going to be a mud race.

As for people ditching the series who don’t even go, like reporters I’ve seen in America without mentioning any names, but I’ve seen people ditch the series who haven’t even been to a Super X race. It’s disappointing.

There is definitely room for improvement and I think they need to be more certain on their formats, because we’ve had to switch it a little this year and the fans have been confused by that.

Getting people into the gate seems to be a big thing, so maybe they need to come down in ticket prices a little more to put bums in seats. I know it’s a hard thing to do, but I think by doing that it will make supercross a bit better and add to the atmosphere.

Marmont was in form throughout practice, qualifying, the heats and main event in Campbelltown. Image: Rice Photography.

There are two weekends of racing left this year and then the season is done. Rumours have you leaving Yamaha and linked to Kawasaki, so is there any update on your future? If not, when can we expect to see some light on that?

Ah, I’ve spoken to both parties and the deal’s not done. There’s no letter of intent been signed, nothing signed, but Kawasaki definitely want me and I’ve been in negotiations with them for a bit.

It’s kind of just a matter of me putting pen to paper and the deal will be signed. I don’t have my doubts, but it is hard to leave a thing that’s working really well with Yamaha and once I come to terms with it then I’ll put pen to paper, make a decision.

On a personal level, your wife Abby and you welcomed a baby boy to the family last week, so congratulations on Jax’s birth. It must be a great moment for your life and family.

Yeah, having Jax brought into my life has been awesome. Just to get him home on Monday after Campbelltown was so good to show him his new house and spend that time with him.

As any parent knows, it’s hard work as well, getting back into the sleepless nights with Abby. There are ups and downs to it all, but definitely more ups and we are really enjoying having him home, plus having Abby home and in my life.

Okay well congratulations again, we look forward to these final two rounds of Super X and seeing how it all plays out.

Thanks a lot, Al.

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