News 8 Nov 2011

Cook races to fifth in Over-40 Vet Motocross World Championship

Queenslander Mick Cook finished in the top five of the Over-40 Pro Class at last weekend’s Vet Motocross World Championship in California.

The former national pro raced to 3-5 results at the iconic Glen Helen Raceway on Sunday, tying for third overall with former GP legend Kurt Nicoll and Billy Joe Mercier, but was credited fifth on a count back.

“It was a great opportunity to race at Glen Helen, although it rained hard all Friday before the race making the track pretty tough – you couldn’t even walk through it in some parts,” Cook explained.

“I’m definitely disappointed with my result. It’s my own fault for not doing better; I don’t think I let the race come to me. My speed was good, my fitness was good, I just made some dumb mistakes.”

Winning the Over-40 Pro Class was Yamaha’s Doug Dubach, while second was another U.S. rider who was a regular visitor to Australia in the ’80s and early ’90s, ‘Flash’ Gordy Ward.

Ex-AMA champion Ron Lechien was also in the class with Kawasaki-mounted Cook, finishing seventh overall.

The Over-30 Pro Class was also an all-star affair, with Ryan Hughes taking a clean-sweep to win the world title ahead of Timmy Weigand, who was part of Suzuki’s Australian Pro Lites team in 2007.

Dubach did double duty to finish third overall in the 30s class, again proving he has the speed and fitness to mix it up with some of the world’s best. Dubach is now a 19-time World Vet Champion.

2011 Vet Motocross World Championship
Glen Helen, California

Over-30 Pro Class Results:
1. Ryan Hughes 1-1
2. Timmy Weigand 2-3
3. Doug Dubach 4-2
4. Ryan Dudek 3-4
5. Dennis Stapletopn 6-5
6. Mark Tilley 5-6
7. Willy Musgrave 8-7
8. Justyn McCabe 7-9
9. Beau Judge 9-8
10. Ed Foedish 12-10

Over-40 Pro Class Results:
1. Doug Dubach 1-1
2. Gordon Ward 2-2
3. Kurt Nicoll 5-3
4. Billy Joe Mercier 4-4
5. Mick Cook 3-5
6. Willy Musgrave 7-6
7. Ron Lechien 6-8
8. Pete De Graaf 9-7
9. Drey Dircks 8-10
10. Tim Tynan 10-9