Products 11 Oct 2011

Honda CRF Racing Accessories now available in dealers

Honda has released a new range of CRF Racing Accessories.

Honda sent us the following information on its CRF Racing Accessories:


Honda has released a new range of CRF Racing Accessories. Available in Honda dealerships nationally, these accessories are the perfect addition to ensure your CRF is race-ready in time for summer.

Manufactured from 6061 grade aluminium billet, the items in the new range have increased durability and will withstand tougher conditions enabling you to get more from your Honda CRF.

New alloy clutch covers have been designed paying particular attention to the most vulnerable area on standard covers; the area adjacent to the brake lever which has been enhanced with more material. The covers are finished with black hard anodising which has greater wear resistance than standard anodising.

Designed as an economical alternative to replacing the clutch cover, Honda has introduced a new Clutch Cover Guard which offers excellent protection to the stock clutch cover in its most vulnerable areas.

Clutch covers are most commonly damaged as a result of the brake lever hitting against the cover when the bike is dropped. For further protection when the bike is dropped a Gear Lever Protector has been designed.

A Speedo Protector and Master Cylinder Protector have also been machined from 6061 aluminium billet and anodised red. The Master Cylinder Protector is designed to prevent damage to the master cylinder in cases when the bike is dropped; it also provides cover to the oil level sight glass.

Also designed to protect the bike when dropped, a Rear Calliper Protector will prevent damage to the brake slave cylinder as well as preventing a loss of rear brake from having the slave cylinder depressed by obstacles.

Finally, a two piece Disc Guard has been designed to prevent damage to the rear brake disc particularly when crossing obstacles such as logs or rocks. This has been manufactured from a combination of 6061 aluminium billet and 5083 aluminium plate.

See your Honda dealer for these new CRF Racing Accessories or visit the website for more information.