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Review: 2011 SixSixOne Fenix Shards helmet puts the SixSixOne Fenix Shards lid through its paces. puts the SixSixOne Fenix Shards lid through its paces.'s Alex Gobert has been testing the SixSixOne Fenix Shards helmet of late.'s Alex Gobert has been testing the SixSixOne Fenix Shards helmet of late.

SixSixOne is an affordable and quality option when it comes to helmets, distributed nationally in Australia by Queensland-based importing company Serco.

The SixSixOne Fenix helmet has been worn by the entire Serco Yoshimura Yamaha team in 2011 including Kirk Gibbs, Jake Moss, Ford Dale and Luke Styke.’s test helmet is the black/white Shards version from SixSixOne, which looks good and has proven to be relatively comfortable since debuting it mid-year.

The SixSixOne Fenix Shards helmet is constructed with a Kevlar, carbonfibre and fibreglass composite tri-weave shell that keeps that exceeds Snell M2005, DOT, ECE 22.05, and AU standards.

Its panorama wide goggle port helps increase peripheral vision, and multiple vents for exhaust and intake ventilation as part of our FHVS. The Savior comfort liner and earpads wick away moisture for maximum comfort as the levels start piling up.

On track it is a comfortable, narrow fit, that takes little time to adapt to. The peak can be adjusted to where you want it as expected, and the quality is all up to scratch when it comes to the screws used, venting, etc.

The vents are worthwhile and provide plenty of breathing room, plus the padding including the chin strap pads are all removable for the all-important cleaning purposes.

I’m actually a big fan of the helmet’s shape, especially the mouthpiece at the front as it’s nice and bulky, and you can’t argue with the black and white scheme since it matches pretty much any gear you might opt to wear.

The only thing that is really to fault is that the white area around the goggle port gets dirty easy, but keep at it with consistent cleaning and you won’t have any problems whatsoever. In fact, I’d prefer a little extra cleaning in favour of the styling positives that the white area provides.

You’ll notice in the action photos that my particular helmet has some custom decals on it, which are also available through Serco via its SPP brand. Check out the review for those by clicking here.

It’s a solid helmet that I’ve been impressed with from the outset, so next time you’re at your local dealership, be sure to check out the helmets that SixSixOne have on offer.


Product Information

Available colours: Black/white and Black/red
RRP: $379.95
Sizes: XS-XXL
Distributor: Serco

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