News 1 Sep 2011

Marmont being courted by rival teams for 2012 season

CDR Rockstar Yamaha boss Craig Dack revealed on RPM that a deal is far from complete with Jay Marmont for 2012. Image: Alex Gobert.

CDR Rockstar Yamaha boss Craig Dack revealed on RPM that a deal is far from complete with Jay Marmont for 2012. Image: Alex Gobert.

Four-time Australian Motocross Champion Jay Marmont has been approached by rival teams for the 2012 season, according to CDR Rockstar Energy Drink Yamaha team boss Craig Dack.

Both Dack and Marmont were featured on Wednesday night’s episode of popular motorsports program RPM on ONE HD, with Dack hinting that Marmont may be considering changing brands for next year.

Dack was asked by former 500cc Grand Prix World Championship number two Daryl Beattie whether Marmont had been re-signed by the team yet, prompting Dack to reveal that a deal is far from done at this point.

“No. In fact, we had a dinner tonight before the show, had a bit of a chat about things and we’ve still got a little bit to do I think,” former Mr. Motocross champion Dack revealed.

When further questioned if Marmont is being courted by other teams, Dack admitted that is the case, although he’d be more than happy to retain the ever-popular Wollongong-based rider if possible.

“He is, he is. There’s a lot more to that for Jay at the moment – he’s been with us for four years now, he’s 28 years of age,” Dack added.

“I get some different vibes from him at the moment that he might want to change things up a little bit – I’m not sure. His seat’s there from us, for sure.

“I’ve really enjoyed working with Jay. We got him over from KTM, where he was pretty much riddled with injuries for several years prior to us, and since that time he’s done a fantastic job.”

Since joining Dack’s team in the 2008 season, the pairing remains unbeaten in the MX Nationals series, recently wrapping up a fourth consecutive title at Coolum on the Sunshine Coast.

“One of the special things about Jay is that he’s a determined, strong athlete and very rarely crashes,” he continued. “I think in the four years we’ve had him I’ve probably seen him on the ground six or seven times, which is unusual for a motocross guy.”

Marmont will aim for his third career Australian Supercross Championship with the CDR team when the Monster Energy Super X series commences in Melbourne this October.

The first two Pro Open supercross titles during Marmont’s career were won in 2003 and 2004 while riding for KTM Australia.

One of the most popular riders in the history of domestic motorcycle racing, it is believed Marmont’s signature on a rival team’s contract following his unrivalled success with Yamaha would make for one of the most lucrative in Australian motor racing.

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