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Race Recap with Jay Marmont

The four-time MX Nationals champ tells how he got it done in Coolum.

There’s not much more we can personally say right here on to show just how great Jay Marmont’s fourth title is, his fourth straight Australian Motocross Championship in the Rockstar Energy Drink MX Nationals.

Marmont, 28, has been in exceptional form in the closing stages of this year’s series and dominated on his way to the series win at Coolum on the Sunshine Coast over the weekend.

CDR Rockstar Energy Drink Yamaha team boss Craig Dack told us on Friday that Marmont is in the form of his life, and with Monster Energy Super X just around the corner, Marmont will now enter that series as the clear favourite. sat down with Marmont once the celebrations settled on Sunday night in Queensland to find out just how much title number four means to him and also to see what his plans are coming up.

Jay Marmont became a four-time MX Nationals champion at Coolum on Sunday. Image: Alex Gobert.

Jay Marmont became a four-time MX Nationals champion at Coolum on Sunday. Image: Alex Gobert.

Congratulations on number four, what does this title mean to you under such dramatic circumstances? It’s a massive victory for you.

It is such a big thing and halfway through the year there I put my head down, realised there was a lot of work to be done in the championship. At one point I was over 55 points down and I knew that I needed to clinch my way back.

I slowly pegged away at it, never lost the faith, and I felt like my riding really shifted up a level. At the last two weekends my worst result was a second. When you start getting those first places, the points seem to just fall your way and things start happening.

Going into those last two races I didn’t think it was going to be possible to win the championship, I knew Josh had to have a really bad race for me to get up there.

It happened, he got brought down in the first turn, which was just so surreal for me, but I went out there and executed two perfect motos to walk away with the championship.

This year the pace of the series has stepped up, so it’s a big credit to yourself to step up on the track. A big positive I think has been just how well all of you top guys have handled yourself off the track, it’s been really professional. How much do you feel you have learnt in that department alongside Josh?

It’s been one of those years where everybody was trying to guess who would win, and they all knew who the strong guys would be. It wasn’t until the middle of the series where the Kawi boys were kind of running away with it, so Josh and I had our battles at the start of the year.

The Kawi guys were really taking control of the championship, we had to sort out a few things within the team and got our bike a lot better towards halfway through the series.

As soon as that happened, Josh and I were both stepping it up. One weekend he would do good, the other weekend I would – he brought the best out of me as a rider.

Josh showed that you can go out there and bang ’bars, but come in and still be friends in the truck. It was an awesome way to finish the series and I’m still pinching myself that I got the win.

You’ve been known as Mr. Consistent in the past, but this year you’ve won nine motos and three rounds in dominant fashion. How does this title compare to the first three?

Yeah, I feel like this has been my most inconsistent year out of any that I’ve had. I won more motos than anybody else and more overalls convincingly than anybody else, but I wasn’t consistent.

My mud rounds were terrible, which really put me behind in the championship to start with. I never had a DNF, which Josh did in the series, and I just had some pretty crappy results.

From halfway through the series after I did have to put my head down, I did do a lot better, but still didn’t have the best races. I knew the job that needed to be done and I did it.

The last few weekends I really felt like my riding went that extra step and that’s what I needed to do to win the series.

Marmont and CDR Rockstar Energy Drink Yamaha teammate Josh Coppins have been class acts in 2011. Image: Alex Gobert.

Marmont and CDR Rockstar Energy Drink Yamaha teammate Josh Coppins have been class acts in 2011. Image: Alex Gobert.

Did you know Josh crashed out of moto three?

I had no clue – I was just focused on winning. I overtook [Lawson] Bopping and I was just trying to pull a comfortable gap on him and I so I could ride my own race. I felt like I dictated the pace a lot this weekend so I knew I just had to keep them at bay.

I came in, saw Josh already at the start line for moto four, which I thought was kind of weird, and then they told me that I was champion. I just couldn’t believe it, you know, just like a whole world lifted off my shoulders.

I went into that last race, wanted to prove a point, and pulled a good start out of the gate. I just didn’t back the thing off, threw it sideways then sprinted for the first few laps. I just had fun with it, backed it off toward the end and just brought it home. It’s such a great feeling.

In that final race when you dominated, that must have been a great way to cap it all off.

Yeah, it was. First practice I was first, in qualifying I was on three-hundredths of a second behind Dean [Ferris], in the first moto I was first, second moto I finished right behind Josh, and then I won the final two.

I just feel like I really dominated and that’s what needed to be done. In one way I feel really bad for Josh, but in another way I’m really happy with the way I rode because I kind of made it happen for myself.

I could have taken it easy and stood back, but I really stepped it up a lot in myself and did the job that needed to be done.

And what about title number five, that would be a massive milestone, so will we see you back to defend the title again?

Yeah, for sure. Title number five would mean as much to me as the rest of them. You know, I sat back last year and watched Ryan go over to the States and I kind of kicked myself because I thought that should be me.

I want to really test myself and go over there, try do some races. Then I’ll come back and put my head down for title number five.

It’s such a prestigious championship, the MX Nationals. In supercross there are short races, but in motocross it’s hard and it’s grueling, so it takes a lot of effort and mental energy to go out there and do.

It means a lot to me and all of these trophies sit very high on my mantelpiece. I’m definitely stoked to walk out of here with title number four.

Marmont dominated on Sunday at Coolum, winning three motos from four to take the title. Image: Alex Gobert.

Marmont dominated on Sunday at Coolum, winning three motos from four to take the title. Image: Alex Gobert.

You’re a two-time Australian Supercross Champion from 2003 and 2004, plus you’ve been a top guy in Super X since it was launched in 2008, so how much would it mean to you to do the double in 2011?

Yamaha’s never won a Super X championship, and I’ve never won one either. I’m going to take a little bit of time off and then I’m going to get out there and put some really hard laps in on the practice tracks because I really want to go after this Super X championship.

It’s one that I haven’t won, so I’ll be doing everything I can to try and win it. I’ve come close a couple of times now, but I really feel that this could be my year to go out and win it.

Okay perfect, well for now, just enjoy your latest title. Well done!

Thanks a lot, and thanks to MotoOnline for the work you guys have done all year with the MX Nationals.

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