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Race Recap with Errol Willis speaks to the new Under 19s MX Nationals champion about his success.

Raceline Pirelli Suzuki’s Errol Willis is one of Australian motocross’ bright young talents, wrapping up his first national Under 19s title at Moree last weekend and is destined for big things ahead in the MX Nationals.

Willis, who recently turned 18, won the title in style after claiming four wins from four starts at Moree, cementing his status as one of the sport’s best rising stars. caught up with Willis on Sunday afternoon following his win to speak about the title and his plans for the future.

Errol Willis wrapped up the Under 19s championship at Moree last weekend.

Errol Willis wrapped up the Under 19s championship at Moree last weekend.

Congratulations on the championship, it’s a big achievement and even better to do it with one round to spare. How’s do you feel right now?

It’s unreal. I said to the family at the start of the year that my biggest goal was to win the championship with one round to go. I’ve reached that, I’ve done everything that I’ve set out to do this year, and it’s all paying off.

The whole Raceline Pirelli Suzuki team has been behind me 100 percent and it’s paid off for them as well.

At Moree this weekend you took four wins, won the championship in style, and you said on the podium that it’s one of your favourite tracks in the country…

Yeah, this is definitely my favourite track and it’s a lot like my track at home. It was always going to be hard to beat me on dirt that I’m 100 percent familiar with. Coming here I knew the track was going to be good, so I just took advantage of it, got to the front early, and felt like I was a bit better than them, a bit faster today. I used that to my advantage.

Has it sunk in that you’ve won the championship yet?

Nah, not even close. I think it will sink in once I’ve got the number ones on my bike, then I can look at that and smile. I’m just really happy for the team and everyone that’s behind us. I’m looking forward to going to Coolum and doing much more of the same.

So where to from here? Are you going to run the number one plate at Coolum? I heard you were thinking of riding a 125 two-stroke.

We don’t know what we’re going to do yet. We’ve got a 125 that I ride every week during the week, so it would be cool to step onto that, but I can run number one on my 250.

I don’t really know, we could even find a 250 two-stroke or we could do Lites. There are so many things we could do at the moment, but I’m really looking to run the number one on my 250F.

Willis took four wins to seal the title at Moree, his second sweep of the season.

Willis took four wins to seal the title at Moree, his second sweep of the season.

Now that you are the Under 19s champion is the plan to step into the Lites for 2012?

Yeah the plan at the start of this year was to win and then go to the Lites in 2012. I feel like I’ve worked hard, I’m training hard and I can only get better from here.

I’m just going to look forward to getting into the Lites and mixing it up with them guys. I look at some of them and I know I can beat them, but you can’t beat them if you’re not out there so I can’t wait for next year.

How about in Super X, now that they have Under 19s, are you going to race that class or race the Lites?

We’re undecided yet, whether I’ll be in the Lites or Under 19s for supercross. We’ll figure that out and wherever we go we’re going to be contending one way or another, I think. We’re going to work our butts off like we have for this championship and we’ll see how we go.

You’re the first rider crowned in the three MX Nationals categories for 2011, so who do you think will win the Lites and Opens titles at Coolum this coming weekend?

Well Mossy has a bit of a lead there in the Lites, but Gibbsy’s coming on strong and I think he’ll be hard to beat at Coolum – if there’s anywhere he can get it done then Coolum would be the place so Mossy better watch his back there I think. That title’s definitely up for grabs.

In the Opens, with Ferris being out today, I think Coppins has the lead and Marmont always has his head down at the end of the championship. I’m not going to count out Marmont, he’s going to be my pick for the championship there with a couple of points to make up.

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