News 20 Jul 2011

Spectacular 2012 FOX and Shift range launch held in Melbourne

The Shift Ride Club - where dirt bikes meet nightclubs! The launch was action-packed.

The Shift Ride Club - where dirt bikes meet nightclubs! The launch was action-packed.

Monza Imports held a spectacular launch of its 2012 FOX and Shift range in a private function at Melbourne’s Palace Nightclub on Tuesday night, its product releases on the evening highlighted by an action-packed ‘Ride Club’.

With another first class line of quality and stylish gear to hit showrooms in time for next season from both brands, was there to take in all the action.

Upcoming content we’ve pieced together from the launch will include an action-packed film from our partners at Out of Bounds Film Company, a detailed image gallery and more details on the gear’s release as it emerges.

You’ll have to wait until you can see it though, because we’re not able to release the content until 1 August!

Eye-catching product on the night included a mix of old school FOX apparel including helmets and goggles, plus their ever-appealing fresh new colour combos and designs that once again raise the benchmark FOX has set in recent years.

On the Shift side it was Chad Reed’s TwoTwo replica gear sets that captured much of the attention, along with a host of sleek designs built to their highest quality.

It’s safe to say that 2012 will be a massive one for Shift, which has been re-branded with a fresh new logo for the new year.

Also highlighted during the night’s proceedings was the all-new and ultra affordable K300 knee braces from POD MX.

Best of all for Australian riders and families, the range is aggressively priced, making domestic purchases all the more valuable for the new year. More on that to come.

But the big attraction of the launch, which featured key national media outlets and dealers, was the Shift Ride Club, where a relay event saw guests go head-to-head on a wooden short track that spanned much of the lower level of the Palace.

Slides, spills, crashes and clashes kept the crowd alight for hours on Braaap Mini Bikes, compared by internationally-recognised announcer and identity, American Jerry Bernado.

Stay tuned for more to come from the evening and a big thank you must be extended from for inviting us along for the ride!

The 2012 ranges are due to arrive for release in Australia in late September, 2011.