Products 27 Jun 2011

Motul’s Stabilizer available for fuelling assistance

Link International sent us through this information on the Motul Fuel Stabilizer.

Link International today sent us through this information on the Motul Fuel Stabilizer:


Perfect for long periods of engine inactivity, Motul’s Stabilizer prevents fuel from deteriorating between uses and cleans valves to restore ideal functionality.

Suitable for motorbikes, lawn mowers, boats and snowmobiles, Motul Stabilizer provides excellent protection against engine corrosion.

Facilitating an easier start after long periods of non-usage, Stabilizer is also useful as an every day addition to petrol engines as it effortlessly cleans both carburettors and injection valves.

Recommended at a dose of 250ml per 200L of petrol for maintaining a healthy engine and at 250ml per 100L for a full engine clean, Stabilizer should be used at the higher concentration and then run through the engine if preparing for storage or extended engine inactivity.

Available from most leading motorcycle dealers for $19.90 RRP.

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