Products 23 Jun 2011

John Titman Racing releases RHK dirt bike ‘Bling Kits’

JTR has created these cool 'Bling Kits' to style up your bike.

John Titman Racing has created these cool ‘Bling Kits’ to style up your bike through its range of RHK products.

The Bling Kit includes axle blocks, front and rear master cylinder caps, rimlock nuts, brake line clamp, valve caps, plus engine plugs.

There are also a variety of colours to select from to suit your particular ride.

Bling Kits will set you back $99.95 RRP each, so contact John Titman Racing today using the details below. Call or email for model availability.

John Titman Racing
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07 3245 7499