Features 21 Jun 2011

Race Recap with Jay Marmont

MotoOnline.com.au speaks with the champ about his return to victory lane at Goanna Tracks.

This month has been a spectacular one for CDR Rockstar Energy Yamaha’s defending triple national motocross champion Jay Marmont, contesting three events so far and winning all three.

Marmont won Western Australia’s prestigious Manjimup 15,000 to start with, then took out the Queensland state titles at Coolum, before last weekend capturing his first Rockstar Energy MX Nationals round victory of the season.

So far this year Marmont has been arguably quicker than ever, only hampered by bad luck on occasion, and he’s not yet backing down in his quest for a record fourth straight title.

MotoOnline.com.au caught up with the 28-year-old to speak about his success and what it’s going to take in order to give himself a shot at the 2011 title.

CDR Rockstar Energy Yamaha's Jay Marmont raced to his first round win of 2011 at Coonabarabran. Image: Alex Gobert.

CDR Rockstar Energy Yamaha's Jay Marmont raced to his first round win of 2011 at Coonabarabran. Image: Alex Gobert.

You were able to take out your first overall win of the season at Coonabarabran, which is a big monkey off your back, but more than anything it’s a good starting point to really try and chase down the leaders in the series…

Yeah, I’ve been working my butt off. I haven’t been home for three weeks now. Since Toowoomba I’ve only been home a couple of days and I’ve just been living out of my van.

I’ve been doing races all over the place and we did a bit of testing in the middle of all that. We were able to iron out a few problems that we had in the mud at Toowoomba and, you know, it paid off.

I felt good all day today and felt like I was the quickest guy on the track. Unfortunately I didn’t get the starts that I wanted so I had to work through and didn’t get to make up as many points as what I wanted to.

For me I think there’s still a lot to improve on my racing, but overall it was good to get the win and get the monkey off my back like you said. It’s always nice to walk away with that victory.

It’s been a dream month for you, it all started at Manjimup when you won the 15,000 and then you went on to win the Queensland state title in the week leading up to Goanna Tracks. Did you feel like you had momentum on your side, doing all of those races and winning them?

That’s exactly I and every race has been hard in itself. I had to race against a bunch of Brits and Americans at the 15,000 and I really felt the pace was on there.

Obviously in Queensland I was racing Todd [Waters] and doing different formats over four days of racing, which was tough too. I feel like it was easier, but also harder for me.

I feel like I didn’t give myself the best starts and that made it harder for me, I gave them too much of a shot for the day, but just with my determination and sheer grit of wanting to win races I was able to get the victory. There’s still a lot to work on though.

Last year you were consistently scoring good points at every round, but you could say that some of the others were faster when it came to racing at times. This year it seems like you’re as fast as anybody, if not the fastest guy on the track, but not so lucky in some senses. Is that how it feels for you as well?

100 percent. That’s why it’s been a frustrating year for me. I feel like I have the speed to go out and win races, be the quickest guy, but all of these other guys in the field have also stepped it up.

Dean [Ferris] has more experience under his belt, Billy [Mackenzie] has got all the experience in the world and so does Josh [Coppins], and then there are the boys like [Cheyne] Boyd and the rest of them.

For me I think they’ve worked out more where I’ve been strong over the past couple of years and especially for Dean – he hasn’t even got an overall victory yet but he’s leading the series.

It’s definitely been frustrating up to this point for me, but I just want to finish the year strong. If I can do that, walk away with a few victories like today, I won’t be completely happy but it’ll be a bittersweet sort of end to the series.

Marmont was on the pace all day long at Goanna Tracks, winning his first round of the season. Image: Alex Gobert.

Marmont was on the pace all day long at Goanna Tracks, winning his first round of the season. Image: Alex Gobert.

As far as the championship goes, what is the plan? Do you just keep trying to rack up the wins from here and see where you end up? Is the pressure off you since you’ve been trailing all year long?

I always put pressure on myself no matter what, the whole way. I always try to win as many races as I can.

Albury’s not one of my favourite tracks, but I know if I can go out and try to control the day then I can hopefully try to get a victory there.

I’ve come second there a number of times and always finish on the podium there, so if I can go and get some good starts I’ll try do well there.

Moree, obviously I really like that track and won that last year, then into Coolum I’ve spent a lot of time there in the past week. So, as long as I can finish of the series how I want to finish off the series then I’ll be fairly content.

I don’t want to run into any more problems – I want to kiss them all goodbye from here on out.

Just finally, Goanna Tracks is all-new to the series and in general as a race track for NSW, so what are your thoughts on it as an MX Nationals round?

Goanna Tracks has raised the bar for all the other tracks in the series. I think that it’s been the best round so far. To have a lap time of over three minutes and maintain it so well, my hat goes off to the club.

I think a lot of other clubs have to look at what this club’s done right and maybe work on some stuff for next year.

For sure, I would love to come back next year. It’s a club with a lot of potential and obviously the people know what they are doing here – it’s been a good race day here.