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Review: 2011 Oakley Mayhem Goggle samples Oakley’s all-new Mayhem Goggle in our latest Product Review.

Oakley is one of the most popular brands in motocross today, an OG of the sport that continues to produce exceptional quality and functional goggles that are work by some of the best athletes on the planet.

During the first half of last year the American brand released the Mayhem Goggle, its new top of the line model that is basically an up-spec version of the ever-popular Crowbar.

According to Oakley, the Mayhem’s main differences of the new goggle are that it has a larger lens, the outriggers on the Mayhem are much flatter than the Crowbar, the nose bridge has also been flattened and, in addition to the clear lens fitted to the goggle as standard, an extra grey lens is included in the box along with seven laminated tear offs.

All of those revisions have been made with riding in mind, for both improved vision and comfort.

Both the larger lens and flatter outriggers have been done so the peripheral vision will be much bigger and better, while the flatter nose bridge has been done to add comfort. editor Alex Gobert has been putting Oakley's Mayhem Goggle to the test in 2011. editor Alex Gobert has been putting Oakley's Mayhem Goggle to the test in 2011.

Adding an extra lens in that’s tinted is simply a bonus, as are the ultra cool laminated tear-offs that are included in the box. With all that in mind, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck at just $119.95 for the standard model.

In fact, there the Mayhem line is made up of 14 goggles including two standard colours, nine prints and three Signature Serries editions – two James Stewart colourways and a Mike Metzger colourway. The replica goggles will set you back an extra 10 bucks.

Recently released is a TLD edition Mayhem design, which has been created by iconic Californian company Troy Lee Designs. They are $139.95 and look unreal from the images I’ve seen.

Other features on the google that make them some of the best in the business include the F2 anti-fog technology on the lenses, the Lexan lens material provides 100 percent protection against UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm.

Plus, they exceed ANSI Z87.1 for high velocity impact, as well as EN 1938 for MX goggle requirements.

There’s triple fleece face foam for maximum moisture wicking and comfort, the rigid O-Matter strap connections provide even distribution of goggle pressure and there are quick release interchangeable strap attachments.

What’s more is that there are metal icon accents and a removable O-Matter nose guard that’s included as standard fitment. Some guys leave these on, others remove them – either way, the choice is yours.

The James Stewart Signature Series of the Mayhem Goggle.

The James Stewart Signature Series of the Mayhem Goggle.

With experience comes plenty of accessories that are available in addition to the goggle, including a variety of spare lenses in all different options and package sizes, or tear-off packages featuring either laminated or standard strips.

Since wearing these goggles I’ve had a great experience, and the extra vision truly is noticeable. The flatter nose section is also handy and adds to the comfort exactly as Oakley claims.

The Mayhems aren’t night and day better than the Crowbar, which is still available on the market, however every step forward in technology is vital these days as brands across the board continue to lift their games.

Buy these goggles and I’d bet you wouldn’t be disappointed one bit.

Plus Points
+ Additional vision
+ Increased comfort around nose area
+ Many options and colours
+ Extras that come with the goggle

Minus Points
– We bought these… (yes, really!)
– You tell us!

Purchase Details
Available colours: Many!
Price: $119.95 for standard/print; $129.95 for Signature Series; $139.95 for TLD
Distributor: Monza Imports

The Troy Lee Designs edition of the Mayhem Goggle.

The Troy Lee Designs edition of the Mayhem Goggle.