Interviews 5 Apr 2011

Moto Debrief with Josh Coppins catches up with the Kiwi following his breakthrough MX Nationals round win at Appin.

CDR Rockstar Energy Yamaha’s Josh Coppins proved on Sunday that consistency will most definitely be the key in this year’s Rockstar Energy Drink MX Nationals title chase, winning overall at Appin despite not winning a moto all day.

Coppins used his results of 2-3-4-3 at Appin to capture the overall, bouncing back from his seventh place at round one and inching to within five points of the series lead.

The 34-year-old entered season 2011 as a title favourite considering he is a former world championship runner-up with over a decade of grand prix experience, and he has realised that winning potential already in round two with his victory. tracked down Coppins directly after the main event on race day to get his thoughts on the weekend in what is his first full season on Aussie soil.

Kiwi Josh Coppins was victorious for CDR Rockstar Energy Yamaha in a consistent effort at Appin.

Kiwi Josh Coppins was victorious for CDR Rockstar Energy Yamaha in a consistent effort at Appin.

Josh, you were able to get the overall on what was a pretty hectic day here at Appin. It must feel good to get that monkey off your back, just two rounds into your first season here in Australia?

Yeah, it’s cool to win for the team just to show Dacka that I was worth hiring [laughs]. I think he knew that already, but I really wanted to prove that point.

Also it’s just for the team, they have been working hard and both Jay [Marmont] and I have been working hard, so it’s good to repay them with both of us on the podium.

After the first round, which was just, man, we weren’t very good. I wasn’t very good, the team wasn’t very good, the bike wasn’t very good, but also we had some bad luck and it just compounded and rolled into some serious issues.

I thought it was going to take five or six rounds to try and pull that points deficit back, but somehow I managed to do it today, back to five points when I’m not 100 percent healthy. Honestly, I’m pretty happy with where we sit.

It was muddy in the morning and then the sun came out and the day became really hot. The track looked like it got really hard out there to ride with a mix of hard-packed bumps come time for the motos…

Yeah, it did and that’s why there were so many crashes. I think that’s why it was so important to get into a rhythm and not do anything silly.

But I was pretty impressed with the club and how they worked on the track, just groomed it and tidied it up. It was pretty good and the lines sort of came back so it was possible to pass. I think Appin did a great job.

Like you mentioned, you’re really back in contention for the championship now, so how much does that show that consistent is more important than anything else in this series?

Well, we knew that before we started but I didn’t quite expect it to be as important as it has been in the opening two rounds. I had two consistent motos at Broadford, but two unlucky take-outs really, and you can’t afford that.

I think that we are in a good position now and I just want to get through this coming weekend with a good result and then I need to do some damage control.

I’m pretty sore with a few niggling injuries so I haven’t ridden during the week for five weeks – it’s just been weekends.

So I’m looking forward to getting healthy after a good finish at Raymond Terrace. Hopefully after that we’ll get some more wins.

Coppins topped series leader Dean Ferris and defending champion teammate Jay Marmont on the Appin podium.

Coppins topped series leader Dean Ferris and defending champion teammate Jay Marmont on the Appin podium.

I saw a photo on Twitter and your ankle looked pretty bad after you injured it at the final New Zealand round. It wasn’t good timing considering the two Aussie rounds back-to-back, but already you’ve managed to win.

Well I didn’t even know if I was going to be able to ride. I was like, “Dacka I think we can”, but when I turned up I was still limping. Dacka said, “you know you’re under no obligation to ride”, but I was like “well hang on, I have to, we need to do this thing”.

We had a bit of luck today and we need to know that. We have to realise were a little bit lucky.

You have a lot to learn in Australia with a new team, new tracks and new formats, but how much do those formats mess up your rhythm during the day compared to what you’re used to?

They’re a bit weird, and do take a little bit to get used to. But on the other hand, I’ve got so much experience that I should be able to adapt to them and I think it’s the same for everybody.

You just have to work towards them train for them and be prepared. You kind of need to be a little bit open minded and then I think things will be alright.

Okay, well congratulations mate and we definitely look forward to seeing what pans out at Raymond Terrace.

Thanks very much, mate.