Products 16 Feb 2011

Polisport expands plastics range in Australia

Polisport has more than doubled the availability of its range.

Famous Portuguese plastics manufacturer Polisport has more than doubled the availability of its range of plastics kits for motocross and enduro machinery.

These top quality plastics will soon be available in Australia through the Polisport Importer, Link International.

“Previously we were reluctant to import the kits, however now the range is so big – it includes just about every motocross and enduro motorcycle of the last decade right up to 2011 models,” stated Brenden Stoeckert, general manager of Link International.

“We’re pleased to say that we’re now bringing them in. The range is made even more extensive by the fact that each kit is available in its OEM colour and also in black and in white.”

With more than 100 new part numbers added to its kit inventory, Link International has bulk ordered and the OEM colour kits for Honda, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki and Yamaha have recently landed.

There even more kits about to land, including plastics for 2000-2006 model year models and junior MX motorcycles.

Ordering in bulk, plus the added bonus of a decent Euro to Australian dollar exchange rate, has enabled Link International to offer the public an extremely comprehensive range of plastics at pricing that is lower than ever before.

The kits come packed in an attractive box and most have a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) from just $149 including GST.

The kits include the front number plate, both front and rear fenders, the side panels and the radiator shrouds.

Kits for Yamaha’s YZ450F 2010 and 2011 models have additional plastic parts due to the unique reversed cylinder head and tank design and are priced at a RRP of $279 including GST.

Polisport has also produced individual plastics for most 2011 models and these and the rest of Polisport’s huge range of motorcycle plastics, headlights, hand guards, protective gear, folding bike stands, chain guards and sliders are available now.

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