Multimedia 30 Dec 2010

JDR Motorsports – Coming to America trailer

JDR Motorsports is launching a six episode web series, 'Coming to America', premiering this week as a free internet show. Here's the trailer!

Although the JDR/J-Star KTM team is only new to the U.S. racing scene, it is not stopping them from already trying to break the mould with the launch of their new six episode web series, ‘Coming to America’, premiering this week as a free internet show.

The JDR/J-Star KTM team has a unique story to tell on their accomplishments in Australia and their choice to establish a new team in the U.S. market.

Coming to America follows the team from their championship winning performance at the Brisbane Super X in Australia, to the Outback town of Bourke and all the way to the team’s USA headquarters in Murrieta, California.

The show’s trailer is online now below and make sure you look for the series first episode to be online this week, with a new episode airing for the next six weeks.

Check out for further information and updates on the team.