News 21 Dec 2010

The Go: Moto Makeover V2 has a new fresh look to it right in time for season 2011 - Gobert explains the latest evolution. has a new look to it in time for the 2011 season. has a new look to it in time for the 2011 season.

It’s been less than six months since’s most recent makeover, however many of our loyal visitors would have noticed upon logging in late this afternoon that we have redesigned the homepage yet again.

This time it’s more of an evolution rather than a revolution – hey, I think I’ve heard that saying at many bike launches over the last few years! – however we believe it’s our best yet.

So, what have we done exactly, you are probably asking yourselves? The answer is, not a whole lot, apart from refining the way you navigate the site to make it easier for all.

Here they are, plain and simple:

  • The major change is the fact that every single upload to the site is now on ‘first level’ of the site, meaning you don’t have to scroll down to find the latest content. All content will be now featured in the highest section (formerly the area that was only for Breaking News) on the homepage called ‘The Latest’.
  • Not only will all uploaded be featured in that area, now we have a scrolling box that features the latest 20 stories/features so you can scroll through and see what you’ve missed if you haven’t logged on for a few days.
  • Below The Latest you will see a large section called ‘Site Highlights’, which basically categorises the latest uploads from a variety of the site’s feature sections. It’s all there for you to see, so go ahead and check out your favourite features of MotoOnline.
  • It continues down the page from there, with our Featured Films, Image Spotlight and Product Showcase areas all displaying the latest updates on the site in those particular areas.
  • You’ll notice an Out of Bounds Film Company logo in the films section as well, which is a fresh new partnership that we’ll be launching in 2011 – meaning you’ll get at least one locally produced film per week from our testing or behind the scenes with the stars of the sport in Australia beginning at the start of next year!
  • At the very lower section of the home page we have the new Resources section, which has the brand new TV Guide that will show you when all the events we cover right here on MotoOnline will be televised in Australia. Also in the Resources area we have the regular Who’s Online and Coming Soon sections.
  • The sidebar has undergone a few slight revisions too, with the Moto Poll being moved higher up the page, while the Follow Us area featuring our Twitter, Facebook and Newsletter links have all been lowered to the bottom. As for the Meet The Editor section, that’s been dropped altogether – enough about that guy!

In summary, what all these changes does is allow us to easily bring you the most up to date genuine news and feature articles in the game when it comes to Australian motorcycling online.

Our feature stories might be on hold until the new year and our news may be slowing as the season winds down, however rest assured we are still hard at it behind the scenes in our planning process and that will be back more prepared and better than ever for 2011.

Thank you for all the support to our readers and advertisers who have helped so much this year – we simply couldn’t exist without each and every one of you.

Santa may have came early for our regulars with these latest revisions to MotoOnline, but for now though, Merry Christmas to all and have a happy and safe new years!