News 9 Dec 2010

General: Motorcycling Australia fills Riders Division positions

Motorcycling Australia has announced that as of 29 November the positions of Riders’ Division Manager and Riders’ Division Assistant have both been filled.

The positions have been taken up by well established motorcycle enthusiasts Rob Smith (manager) and Michael Stafford (assistant).

Based in Victoria, Rob comes to the role with a wealth of experience having been a motorcycle riding instructor in Australia as well as internationally for more than 25 years.

Over the last 15 years he has worked primarily as a motorcycle safety consultant and crash investigator.

Rob has previously held a seat on the Victorian Motorcycle Advisory Council as an independent, and in future he will represent MA in this position, while also representing MA on the National Road Safety Council where it has a seat.

As an everyday road rider since the age of 17, Rob’s riding experiences have included everything from riding as a London courier through to riding from the Isle of Man to Syria.

Speaking of his appointment Rob stated there would be some exciting changes happening in the Division over the coming months.

“The new-look Riders’ Division is going to be increasingly hands on with more rider focused events and activities,” he said. “We have some fantastic ideas that we hope will breathe new life into non-competitive motorcycling.

“We plan to take some big steps towards making riding fun and providing some balance to the all too often negative messages motorcyclists receive, while still encouraging positive action and having a strong safety focus – I see exciting times ahead.”

Joining Rob in the Riders’ Division is Michael Stafford, whose background includes 15 years as a rider trainer, most of which was spent as one of the longest serving trainers with Honda Australia Rider Training (HART).

Michael’s easy going manner and obvious enthusiasm for teaching has made him a firm favourite with students and MA is thrilled to have him onboard.

“I’ve always enjoyed the company of riders both professionally and socially, so I’m looking forward to the opportunity of continuing to be of assistance in a new and exciting environment,” Michael said.

Having started road riding at the age of 18 on a Suzuki GSX250, Michael now rides a Triumph Thruxton 900 and is restoring a First World War Douglas.

MA believes both Rob and Michael will be well suited to the new roles with their knowledge, experience and passion for motorcycling.

Both Rob and Michael can be contacted on the details listed below:
Rob Smith
Motorcycling Australia Riders’ Division Manager
Phone: 03 9685 0501
Email: [email protected]

Michael Stafford
Motorcycling Australia Riders’ Division Assistant
Phone: 03 9685 0509
Email: [email protected]