News 29 Nov 2010

FMX: Maddo completes world first indoor drop-in at Crustys

Robbie Maddison drops into Saturday night's Sydney Crusty Demons show.

Robbie Maddison drops into Saturday night's Sydney Crusty Demons show.

Global daredevil Robbie Maddison has once again etched his name in history, landing the world’s first indoor drop-in at the Crusty Demons Thirst 4 Destruction finale, presented by Woodstock Bourbon, at Sydney’s Acer Arena on Saturday night.

The modern day Evel Knievel launched his Yamaha YZ250F off a platform suspended over 70 feet above the floor of Acer Arena to successfully land the bike on a specially built landing ramp.

The never before attempted jump was witnessed by over 10,000 fans including a host of celebrities such as cricketing legends Glenn McGrath and Steve Waugh, and Australian actress Claudia Karvan.

“I am just so pumped after last night,” Maddison stated. “This tour has been amazing and I was stoked to be able to finish it with the drop-in. We took the show in a new direction and showcased some of the best riders from around the world.

“While we will all head back to our home bases for Christmas we are already working on some wilder ideas for the next tour.”

In what was a night of astonishing feats, Picton’s Ben Fiez kicked things off with an incredible double back-flip on his Pro Z 140 mini-bike.

Queensland rider Kain Saul provided another adrenalin filled moment with his signature back-flip onboard a 257kg Harley Davidson motorcycle.

The two hour finale then came to a close with Wagga Wagga teenage sensation Jackson Strong defying Newton’s laws of physics to successfully land what is arguably one of the most difficult tricks in freestyle motocross tricks, an 85ft front flip.

While the Crusty Demons will take a well earned rest over Christmas plans are already underway for their next round of cutting edge mayhem.