News 24 Nov 2010

General: Motorcycle Expo organisers encourage safe trip

Organisers of this week’s Australian Motorcycle Expo Melbourne have encouraged motorists to ‘Look, look and look again’ as motorcycle riders from across the state converge on the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre for the three-day event.

The event returns to Melbourne for the first time since October 2008, when Victoria’s road safety program, ‘Arrive Alive’, was first launched.

As part of its strategy for safer roads, the motorcycle element of the program has focused on improving road and roadside designs, blackspot treatments, enhanced rider training programs and licensing systems, and the promotion of high standard protective wear for all riders.

The 2008-2010 First Action Plan also focuses on public education, promoting safe road use practices for drivers and riders.

Australian Motorcycle Expo event manager Mark Petersen said the event was a timely reminder for all road users to consider the original ‘Arrive Alive’ message.

“We’re expecting over 25,000 visitors through the doors over the course of the week and many of them will be riding to the event, so it’s a good chance for motorists to remember the original ‘Look, look and look again’ campaign,” said Petersen.

“Co-incidentally, the last time we visited Melbourne to host a Motorcycle Expo was the same month that the campaign and overall strategy was launched in 2008.

“The Victorian Government has taken a very proactive approach towards the safety of motorcyclists and we applaud them for their continued commitment as the next Action Plan is devised.

“Safety is a focus at all of our events and we have a number of exhibitors promoting training courses and licensing, plus providing visitors the chance to try and buy safety gear including helmets and apparel.”

Over 500 motorcycles will be showcased at the exhibition, with all ages and experience levels to be catered for. The event runs from Friday, 26 November to Sunday, 28 November.