News 12 Nov 2010

Oz MX: MA announces category revisions for motocross

Motorcycling Australia has announced its first rule change in the 2011 Manual of Motorcycle Sport (MoMS), with two changes made to Chapter 17 regarding bikes used for competition.

The motocross Lites class will now feature both two-stroke and four-strokes up to 250cc, while the Open class will be made up of 255cc and over four-strokes, as well as 250cc and over two-strokes – the two-strokes only permitted to compete in one class or the other.

In the Pro categories, the Pro Lites class will feature both two-strokes and four-strokes up to 250cc, while the Pro Open class will feature 255cc and over rulings for both the two-stroke and four-stroke machinery – effectively meaning standard 250cc two-strokes have now been ruled out of Pro Open competition.

These changes will come into effect from 1 January 2011, and the completed MoMS will be placed online at once finalised, in addition to being distributed in December.

According to MA, these revisions were released early as riders begin to purchase 2011 models in readiness for the new season.