News 5 Nov 2010

Off-Road: France extends overall lead at ISDE in Mexico

France leads the World Trophy and Women's Cup after four days in Mexico.

France leads the World Trophy and Women's Cup after four days in Mexico.

It was another tough day for competitors of the 2010 FIM International Six Days Enduro as riders from all nations were once again forced to battle their way through the tough Mexican event.

Following the same route as day three, the course for day four saw the remaining competitors forced to battle against the elements as the bone-dry ground, chocking dust, and rock strewn course proved to be anything but easy.

In true ISDE fashion, just when most riders were looking for relief ahead of the closing two days of the event the sun and heat returned to exaggerate their fatigue.

France were again the nation setting the pace at the head of the Trophy Team competition, finishing two minutes in front of their nearest competitors on day four of the ‘Olympics of Motorcycling’. Lead once again by Johnny Aubert (KTM) the defending Trophy Team champions edged further ahead in the overall classification, and are now looking a sure bet to win the prestigious class.

With Aubert topping the E2 category France enjoyed a clean sweep of the E1, E2 and E3 classes as Antoine Meo (Husqvarna) came home winner in E1 while Christophe Nambotin (Gas Gas) finished top in E3.

While France finished comfortably ahead in the Trophy Team competition a day-long battle between Italy and Finland raged for the runners-up spot with the two nations separated by just eighteen seconds.

Eventually it was Italy who claimed the second place position with Finland earning third.

In the overall Trophy team classification France extended their advantage by two minutes and now sit close to seven-and-a-half minutes clear of Italy who are currently placed second. Finland remain third, some twelve minutes behind France.

In the Junior Trophy team competition Spain claimed a commanding victory on day four of the FIM ISDE proving once again to be the dominant force in the junior division. But just as in the Trophy team class the second and third placed Junior Trophy teams were separated by next to nothing.

Team USA eventually finished as runners-up, nineteen seconds ahead of Sweden. In the overall Junior Trophy standings Spain now sit close to five minutes ahead, having extended their lead by two minutes. Sweden remain second with the USA third, but some two minutes behind the Scandinavians.

Day four proved to be extremely tough for the Women riders. France finished a massive eight minutes ahead of second placed Sweden and in doing so extended their lead at the top of the Women’s Cup to a staggering twenty-three minutes. The USA placed third on the day, but sit four minutes ahead of Sweden in the overall standings.

Antoine Meo claimed yet another E1 class win, but had to fend off the pressure of Italy’s Alex Salvini throughout the day. With a little under seven seconds separating the two riders Finn Eero Remes placed third, four seconds behind Salvini. In the overall E1 standings Antoine Meo holds a twenty-four second advantage over Finn Eero Remes. Italy’s Alex Salvini holds third followed by the USA’s Kurt Caselli.

Once again dominating the E2 class Johnny Aubert stamped his authority on not only the class, but also the event. Over one-minute ahead of countryman Rodrig Thain (TM) the two French riders were followed home by Finn Juha Salminen (Husqvarna).

Aubert is now more than four-and-a-half minutes clear in the overall E2 class standings, followed by Italy’s Thomas Oldrati (KTM) and Juha Salminen. ISDE first timer Manuel Monni (Yamaha) sits in fourth.

In the E3 class a new name topped the results – that of Christophe Nambotin. Making a slow start to the event Frenchman Nambotin battled countryman Seb Guillaume during day four with the duo separated by close to seven seconds. Third went to days one and two winner Oriol Mena.

At the head of the overall E3 class results Seb Guillaume is placed eighteen seconds ahead of Mena with Nambotin third, thirty-one seconds behind the Spaniard.

World Trophy
1. France 13.47:28.21
2. Italy 13.54:54.62
3. Finland13.59:42.78
4. USA 14.08:50.16
5. Poland 14.35:50.13

Junior Trophy
1. Spain 8.25:11.58
2. Sweden 8.30:07.13
3. USA 8.32:29.94
4. France 8.32:51.47
5. Finland 8.33:08.33

Women’s Cup
1. France 6.24:46.21
2. USA 6.47:59.92
3. Sweden 6.51:17.63
4. Germany 12.27:47.28
5. Chile 13.09:21.14