News 21 Oct 2010

Oz SX: Suzuki RACESAFE injury update after Newcastle

As the 2010 Monster Energy Super X series prepared to get underway, the Suzuki RACESAFE Medical Team arrived in Newcastle excited to be at the beginning of another Supercross season. As the Official Medical Team in 2009 and again 2010, the Suzuki RACESAFE team has once again developed a world class standard medical support service for the biggest names in Supercross.

The Suzuki RACESAFE Medical Team consists of a team of emergency doctors, orthopaedic surgeons, paramedics, nurses and physiotherapists that are all experts in motorcycle injuries. This highly skilled team of medical professionals, all donate their time as volunteers – to ensure that the riders can have immediate specialised care at the track.

“The Suzuki RACESAFE Team and I are ecstatic to be back with Super X again in 2010,” commented Simon Maas, director of Emergency Services. “Super X is an awesome series and we now feel very much a part of the Motocross community.

“We are very pleased to be working with Global Action Sports, Kevin Williams and the team to ensure that this international quality championship has medical support at the same high level. The Super X competitors are highly trained athletes from the elite level of this sport and they require the best possible care.

“Recognition must also go to Motorcycling Australia for their support and dedication of this medical program and rider safety. This is an important subject to them and us, together we share a passion and drive to ensure the best standards and services for the care of riders.

“Of course none of this would be possible with Suzuki Australia, they are an important backbone to what we do with all our medical programs and their strong focus on motorcycle safety is a real credit to them.”

Perry Morison, Suzuki Australian Motorcycles general manager, is proud to be associated with RACESAFE.

“Suzuki is delighted to once again have RACESAFE in attendance at the 2010 Super X championships,” Morrison explained. “Rider safety is vital in all motorcycle racing pursuits, and RACESAFE’s mobile facilities and medical expertise is simply the best available. We’re proud to support RACESAFE and their dedicated medical staff, and know how much all competitors appreciate their involvement in Super X.”

Further support to the RACESAFE team for Super X has come from – Mack Trucks, Motul, One Industries, Polaris, BOC Medical and Elastoplast Sport.

In front of huge crowd – the Suzuki RACESAFE team were again kept busy at Newcastle’s season opener as riders pushed the limits during the opening round of the series. First turn action and huge jumps catching out some riders that required a trip to the Suzuki RACESAFE Mobile Medical Unit via their Polaris Ranger Medical Buggies.

Lites rider, Dave Melish was treated for a fracture to his right leg. RACESAFE doctors sending him to John Hunter Hospital for X-rays and treatment.

Ross Beaton in the Pro Open class was also assessed and treated before being transported to JHH for X-rays to his shoulder and ribs.

Michael Crugnale also in the Lites, suffered a shoulder injury and was provided assistance by the Suzuki RACESAFE team before being transported.

Nathan Crawford was another from the Lites that was treated for a back and shoulder injury. He also joined the growing list at John Hunter Hospital

During the Lites final Brock Winston crashed heavily at the massive finish line jump. The Suzuki RACESAFE Medical Team were quickly to his aid and Brock was carried from the track and transported to the Mobile Medical Unit. Suffering a loss of consciousness and concussion, Brock was transferred by Ambulance to hospital for further review.

The Suzuki RACESAFE Medical Team has reported that all riders are in a stable condition with some missing out on upcoming rounds of the series. Other riders will undergo a medical review by the RACESAFE doctors prior to hitting the start gates for round two in Canberra this weekend.