Creative 11 Oct 2010

Daryl Beattie’s GS Outback Adventure

Go for an outback adventure with ex-GP star Daryl Beattie on BMW's GS bikes.

Ride with Daryl Beattie on his amazing GS Outback Adventure. This is day one of the three-day ride, Hattah to Murrayville. 3 x 1200 GS’s and one 1200 GS Adventure take on some deep sand riding in a true outback adventure. Difficult riding, big bikes, a great challenge.

DAY 1:

Day two of Daryl Beattie’s Outback Adventure, Murrayville to Renmark. This is some very hard riding in deep sand on 1200cc motorbikes. Challenging, difficult, but in the end, very rewarding. A boys own adventure that only Australian outback can provide.

DAY 2:

The final day of Daryl Beattie’s Outback Adventure and what a day it turned out to be… plenty of action excitement and just a few crashes to see us through. All the boys survived, if not for a lack of trying.

DAY 3: