Creative 28 Sep 2010

Dan Reardon talks USA

Unit caught up with Dan Reardon at his home in the USA to get an update on his career.

Dan Reardon is one of Australia’s best Motocross racers, but since making the move to the USA, has not had a smooth run. Injuries have destroyed countless opportunities, and multiple team and class changes have not helped either. But the fact is he still has the speed to match it with the best, the real question is ‘can he pull it together for a full season’?

Unit spent the day with Dan while he practiced at Pala recently, and sat him down at his USA home to ask the hard questions on why he hasn’t maintained the results he was hoping for, why he has changed teams multiple times, what it is like for an Australian rider to make the move over to the USA and whether he plans to be riding another season in America next year.

Courtesy: Unit Clothing
Producer: Allan Hardy
Music: ‘Maps’ by ‘Let’s Get It’
Additional Footage: Guy Streeter and Josh Stephenson