Features 7 Sep 2010


Learn 20 things you didn’t know about Toby Price in this latest edition of UNPLUGGED!

Motorex KTM’s dual Australian Off-Road Champion Toby Price has been a revelation in the world of off-road racing in recent years, capturing a pair of titles in 2009 and 2010.

Price wrapped up his second straight title in Queensland last weekend, but instead of the usual post-race interview, MotoOnline.com.au send him some off the wall questions to get to know him a little better behind the helmet…

As you’ll soon see, Price isn’t only one of the brightest talents in the world right now when it comes to racing between trees, he’s also got a bright personality that will see him go for in his career.


Motorex KTM's Toby Price won his second straight AORC title in Queensland last weekend.

Motorex KTM's Toby Price won his second straight AORC title in Queensland last weekend.

Career highlight?
Winning the 2009 AORC championship in my first year of enduro racing and backing it up in 2010.

Toughest race ever?
The Finke Desert Race.

Long term goal?
To be world number one.

Fiercest rival?
Stefan Merriman, plus my KTM teammates Jarrod Bewley and Ben Grabham.

Greatest inspiration?
My dad for all his hard work.

Junk food secrets?
The golden arches…


Best all-time moto DVD/video?
Nitro circus DVDs – would love to do all the things they do for a week!

What do you drive?
Hyundai iLoad van, which they sponsor me with. If you don’t have one then get one cause they are the sweet to drive and look good too.

Favourite magazine?
Any moto mag is good.

What’s in the iPod?
A bit of everything like techno, dance, r and b, as well as most songs on moto DVDs.

Off-road or motocross?
Both! Love my off-road racing and miss doing motocross.

Sprints or Cross Countries?
Both again… I love Cross Countries because we get two and a half hours of racing, but sprints are high intensity and fast.

Hattah or Finke?
Finke because it’s sixth gear pinned on a KTM and is good fun!

Europe or USA?

250 EXC-F or 530 EXC?
530 EXC. I’m a big guy so I think the little bike would hate me sitting on it!

Juha Salminen or David Knight?
David Knight. He is an awesome guy and I get along with him really good.

Blonde or brunette?
Both lol!

If you weren’t a racer, you would be a?
Hmm, I don’t want to think bout that lol! Probably a Mister Whippy driver because that’s something I can’t wreck haha…

Final say…
Thanks for your time and for following my progress. Hope I can keep it on top and you can read more in the future!