News 2 Sep 2010

General: Honda Dollars now offered with fun bike range

One need only look at the happy faces of the mums, dads and kids at the local motocross track to know it is one of the most rewarding ways to spend family time together. To make that experience as easy as possible, Honda has pulled together welcome fun bike deals in preparation for the holiday season.

Honda’s entire fun bike range including the CRF50, CRF70F, CRF80F, CRF100F, CRF150F and TRX90 4-wheeler all now come with a Honda Dollars bonus.

Ranging in value from $200 to $400, Honda Dollars can be used in the dealership at the time of the transaction on a wide variety of accessories, servicing or as a credit toward the motorcycle purchased.

Honda have gone one step further and slashed the Manufacturers List Price of the number one selling CRF50 for a limited time to just $1690, making it the perfect Christmas present for the young rider in the family.

All CRF fun bikes feature quiet, powerful and quick-starting 4-stroke engines combined with long-legged front and rear suspensions to deliver just the right combination of lively performance and easy handling for long days of off road riding fun.

CRF mini bikes also features chrome, steel-spoked wheels combined with Honda Racing styling and graphics reminiscent of the bigger CRFs so riders can enjoy all the benefits of riding a smaller version of those bikes seen in current competition.

Honda Dollars and the reduced price on the CRF50 are available on each model from now until 31 December 2010 at Honda Dealers nationally.