News 27 Aug 2010

Oz SM: Supermoto on the rise as Reekie approves ASBK link

KTM's Angus Reekie hopes that Supermoto can continue its partnership with the ASBK.

KTM's Angus Reekie hopes that Supermoto can continue its partnership with the ASBK.

Multiple-time Australian Supermoto Champion Angus Reekie has given his stamp of approval on the dirt-tar hybrid category racing as a support class alongside the Australian Superbike Championship.

The talented factory-supported KTM rider has been at the forefront of Supermoto in Australia as the country’s top domestic star in recent seasons, excited to show off his skills in front of Australia’s leading road race teams and growing fan base at Queensland Raceway last weekend.

“It’s actually really good that somebody has given us the opportunity to come and race at an event such as the Australian Superbikes,” Reekie commented on Sunday. “There are so many people here that you’d never get this many people at a Supermoto event anywhere. I’m really thankful for Yarrive Konsky and the ASBK for providing a platform for the sport to grow.”

As the main player in a sport that has struggled to build momentum in recent years, Reekie hopes that potentially joining forces with the ASBK at an increased number of events may help the sport prosper in years to come.

“It’s our first time here this weekend and we’re working around everybody,” Reekie said. “Hopefully if more types of these races are introduced we could have a fairly strong series. There are a lot of people keen to do it, we just need somewhere consistent to race.”

Supermoto has been instrumental in the development of some of Australia’s leading up and coming road race talent emerging on the national scene of late, with Troy Herfoss, Rick Olson, Cru Halliday, Aaron Morris and Linden Magee all top level Supermoto riders before making the switch to road racing.

Established Superbike contenders Glenn Allerton and Shannon Johnson are also former national Supermoto champions, while defending ASBK champion Josh Waters also contested the Australian title in 2008.