News 10 Aug 2010

Oz MX: Jay Marmont crowned King of the Cross in WA

Triple Australian Motocross Champion Jay Marmont has been crowned the 2010 BGC Contracting King of the Cross after a victorious weekend at the Southern Cross Motorcycle Club circuit in Western Australia on 8 August.

CDR Rockstar Energy Yamaha rider Marmont, who wrapped up his third consecutive MX Nationals title last month, was able to ride to victory to claim $10,000 in prize money for the King of the Cross crown in the non-championship event.

Marmont won the King of the Cross event ahead of fellow MX Nationals contenders Michael Addison and Craig Anderson, contested over a pair of six-lap races held back-to-back on Sunday.

“The Southern Cross race was something I planned to do because it’s a well known event, so to win it was even better,” Marmont explained. “I got a hurry up from riders like Craig Anderson and Michael Addison in the qualifying races, so I knew that the day was going to be tough.

“In the first final I got the holeshot and Ando went past me, but then I was able to get around him and get away to win with a comfortable gap, which set me up for the overall if I could get another good result in the second moto.

“Going into the second final I knew I had to beat Ando, and I actually hit the gate on the start. I was mid-pack into the first turn, but I came through and passed Ando to put me into second behind Addison. I knew it wasn’t a championship race and second in the moto would be good enough to win overall, so I stayed there and was very happy to take out the King of the Cross.”

The victory marks Marmont’s second win in the prestigious event, adding the win to his success in 2004. Marmont could shoot for a record third victory in the event next season – a feat that hasn’t been achieved before in the event’s 25-year history.

“The guys in Western Australia all get behind the event, it was a fun race,” he continued. “There was a lot of people at the track camping, fireworks and live bands, so it was a good atmosphere and a great weekend with no pressure.”

Previous winners of the event include CDR team boss Craig Dack, former World Motocross number two Jeff Leisk, Stephen Gall, Anthony Gunther, Glen Bell, Eddie Warren and Jimmy Ellis, all riders who Marmont has respected and looked up to during his career.

Marmont will now turn his attention to training for the upcoming Super X, Australasian Supercross Championship, before departing for an international trip to the United States in September.

The KTM Kid off the Cross was taken out by Daniel Strickland in back-to-back wins, while Jessica Moore won the Queen of the Cross crown.