News 3 Aug 2010

World MX: MX3 championship revised for Amateurs in 2011

The MX3 category of the Motocross World Championship will receive a makeover for the 2011 season.

In a surprising announcement by Youthstream president Giuseppe Luongo, the MX3 series will become an Amateur World Championship consisting of between 12 to 15 events in the new year.

It’s expected that the majority of the events will be staged in Europe, however up to four of the rounds could be contested in events out of Europe.

Since the series will be entirely made up of amateur riders, there will be no “service contribution fee” for the entries in the championship.

In a bid to continue developing young talent on the world stage, Youthstream revealed that it will guarantee the FIM MX3 Amateur World Champion a place in the MX1 or MX2 World Championship in a good team with the financial support from Youthstream and its partners for the following season.