News 4 Jul 2010

Eastern Creek AFXC

So how did we all go??. I want to see some chat about the racing from the day, looked like there was plenty of action.

Beato did a good job today, well done mate. Plus it was cool to see Crowey on a BMW on the podium and also McMartin with his #1 on the box for an all-Euro podium!

Shame to see Kev bow out of race three, and also an even bigger shame to see Cru crash out on Saturday through no fault of his own from what I hear. He proved in the first few races that he has what it takes to beat the likes of Curtain, which was awesome.

Also good to see Rick Olson win the FX600, plus those young up and comers right behind him who we watched race in the MRRDA on CBR150s just a couple of years ago. There’s plenty of talent in Australia right now.

Plus the likes of Davies, my brother Aaron and Pirotta all seemed to have good rides in the Formula Oz/Supersport classes.