News 12 May 2010

Oz MX: Simmonds to ride with McFarlane's number seven

Simmonds will wear the number seven plate in honour of Andrew McFarlane for the MX Nationals remainder.

Simmonds will wear the number seven plate in honour of Andrew McFarlane for the MX Nationals remainder.

JDR Motorex KTM Racing will go into round four of the Australian Motocross Championship at Toowoomba in Queensland this Sunday, holding their heads high in honour and memory of late teammate Andrew McFarlane, who tragically lost his life at the previous round in Broadford.

The team has revealed that McFarlane’s Pro Open teammate Tye Simmonds will be riding with McFarlane’s number seven plate at Toowoomba, and for the rest of the MX Nationals, representing the team’s respect and thanks for all Andrew put into JDR Motorsports.

Simmonds is entered on the only KTM 350 SX F in the country and currently sits third in the Pro Open Championship, to Jay Marmont in second and Todd Waters in first.

JDR Motorex KTM race team manager Jay Rynenberg commented on the upcoming Toowoomba round.

“It’s been an emotional rollercoaster for all the team with the loss of Andrew McFarlane, but we’re soldering on knowing that it is what Andrew would want, and his family is 100 percent behind us,” Rynenberg said.

“When we spoke to Andrew’s wife Nat and father Ron about Tye Simmonds riding with Andrew’s number seven plate at the remaining MX Nationals rounds and they were touched and excited that the team were honouring Andrew in this way.

“Ron is also going to be attending the Toowoomba round to meet with the our team riders Tye Simmonds, Ryan Marmont and PJ Larsen to encourage them to continue with their passion for racing and strive to win, as it is what Andrew would have wanted.

“It’s easy to become emotionally closed in a situation like this, and it’s just amazing how Andrew’s drive lives on in his family who are right beside us as our journey continues without him.

“All of our team riders have been back on the bike and training hard. PJ Larsen and Ryan Marmont have been testing on the KTM 250 SX-F, and they’re looking solid for Toowoomba. Larsen sits second in the Pro Lites Championship and Marmont sits in third, positions they’re both looking to improve on at Toowoomba.

“Tye Simmonds is battling a cold, but has still been putting in ample riding time on the KTM 350 SX F and feels confident if he’s well rested leading up to the weekend, he will be back fighting fit in a competitive frame of mind to race.”

The fourth round of the 2010 Rockstar Energy Drink MX Nationals will be held on Sunday, 16 May at the Toowoomba Motocross Club in Queensland.