News 8 May 2010

FMX: Nitro Circus Live makes spectacular debut in Brisbane

Travis Pastrana and some of the world’s greatest action sports stars performed in the first ever Nitro Circus Live show last night, and pulled off a number of world first stunts for the roaring capacity crowd at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre.

The first female FMX back flip, a wheelchair back flip off the 50 foot Gigant-A-Ramp, a double front flip on a BMX, an FMX body varial, an FMX front flip and the death-defying double back flip on a motorbike were just some of the amazing stunts performed in the two and a half hour action sports spectacular.

America’s Jolene Van Vugt performed the first feat of the evening by becoming the first female to back flip a motorbike ramp to ramp. The crowd was at the edge of their seats watching the gutsy determination of the famous female motocross rider who refused to walk away from three crash landings before nailing the trick on the fourth attempt.

Next in line was the inspirational wheelchair athlete from Las Vegas, Aaron ‘Wheelz’ Fotheringham, who made the crowd erupt when he performed the first ever wheelchair back flip off a 50 foot ramp.

Australia’s Andy Buckworth made history when he performed a BMX double front flip, which has never been attempted in Australia before. The 20-year-old star now joins only one other rider in the world who can perform the mind blowing trick.

Australian FMX rider Clint Moore pulled off a body varial for the first time in Australia, which had only been performed successfully twice in the world until last night. It was Moore’s first attempt at performing the trick to a ramp having only practiced it to a foam pit prior to the show.

America’s Jim De Champ had an unsuccessful attempt at the FMX front flip, which hasn’t been performed successfully in Australia before, but is determined to line up and pull it off tonight in the second show.

Finally it was the FMX double back flipper Cam Sinclair’s turn to attempt the trick that almost cost him his life last year in Spain. At the request of Travis Pastrana the entire crowd was upstanding whilst he hit the ramp and completed two full rotations before riding away from the trick successfully, causing the crowd to almost lift the roof off the arena in loud appreciation.

Simultaneous trick trains performed by all stars off the 50 foot Gigant-A-Ramp and FMX ramps finished off the spectacular show, which showcased the best talent in action sports from around the globe.

“The show was absolutely epic and way better than I ever dreamt especially considering the whole cast only had one week together in Brisbane. Jolene and all the performers put on an amazing show and it’s only going to get better from here. The crowd was way more receptive than I ever imagined,” said Pastrana after the show.

Nitro Circus Live has two more shows scheduled at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre 8-9 May before it makes its way to the Acer Arena in Sydney on 14-15 May, the Burswood Dome in Perth on 22 May, the Adelaide Entertainment Centre on 28-29 May and the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne 4-5 June.

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