News 3 May 2010

Oz MX: KTM and JDR Motorsports farewell McFarlane

Andrew McFarlane was tragically killed at Broadford last Sunday.

Andrew McFarlane was tragically killed at Broadford last Sunday.

KTM Australia and JDR Motorsports have sent out a heartfelt statement regarding the loss of team rider Andrew McFarlane at Broadford’s third round of the 2010 Rockstar Energy MX Nationals yesterday. Here is the release in full, as sent out by KTM’s PR department this afternoon:

Sunday 2nd May 2010 became the darkest day in JDR Motorsports history with the death of sporting legend Andrew McFarlane at The Rockstar Energy Drink MX Nationals held at Broadford. Andrew McFarlane was not only a legend on the track but off.

His commitment to the sport, to each member of the team, to his family and his wife Nat and daughter Tayla, Andrew was a true legend in every way.

His death has shattered the JDR Motorex KTM racing team, who are left reeling with the horror of what has occurred, particularly to someone who has raced on the worlds best tracks, and was one of the genuinely good guys of the sport.

After two weeks of solid preparation, Andrew being the ultimate professional was in peak condition both mentally and physically. Working alongside of his father Ron, who was his mentor and mechanic they had the KTM motorcycle exactly where they wanted the bike to be, and were very confident about the weekend at Broadford, as it was here that Andrew had started his International career ten years prior.

The entire team of JDR Motorex KTM have been personally and professionally helped by Andrew along the way.

Derek Rynenberg co principal of JDR Motorsports: “I have known Andrew personally and professionally since 2008 when he took the chance to join our up and coming team. Over the years Andrew has become a friend and mentor for all of us and was retiring at the end of this motocross season. With his valuable knowledge of MX/SX, and his dedication, commitment, professionalism, and his personal values he was about to embark on a management role within JDR. Andrew was the ultimate motocross champion, he was the ultimate professional in every facet of the sport, from his personal fitness and attitude to his bike set up which was second to none. Our hearts and thoughts go out to Nat and Tayla, Ron and Norma and the entire McFarlane family.”

Jay Rynenberg co principal and team manager of JDR Motorsports: “From a young age I have followed Andrew’s career and have looked up to him for many years. When Andrew came to us in 2008, it was a dream come true to work beside him. Andrew gave us the chance of a life time, he gave us all his knowledge, tools, time and everything we needed to follow our dream, a dream he shared. Without the faith that Andrew put into myself, and my family, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve the things we have achieved. That act of faith has changed my life forever. Over the years I began to know Andrew not only as a professional but also as a friend. He was such an inspiration off the track, he was so devoted to his wife Nat, his beautiful daughter Tayla, family and friends, that it was an honor to get to know him on the level that I did. Our team life, and personal life suffered the loss of a great friend, and a great champion. He will be missed forever. We would like to thank all the competitors, officials and spectators at the round for their support in honoring a true legend of the sport.”

The entire team of JDR Motorex KTM including: Jay Rynenberg, Derek Rynenberg, Trish Rynenberg, Tye Simmonds, Ryan Marmont, PJ Larsen, Danny Apro, Luke Sanderson, Craig Behl, Greg Simmonds, Keith Ward, Rick Osbaldiston, Tina Osbaldiston, Ash Simpson, Troy Newell, Peter Marmont, Sharon Marmont, Beau Ralston, Josh Cachia, Jeff Leisk, Rob Twyerould, Johnny Distefano , David Woodward, Lizzie Doyle , Greg Chambers and all the team sponsors, want to express their deepest sympathy to Nat, Tayla, Ron, Norma and all the McFarlane family, friends and supporters, and will carry Andrew in their hearts.