News 21 Apr 2010

Off-Road: Shane Diener set for 11th 24-Hour Trial on KTM

Diener has switched to KTM for the 2010 season.

Diener has switched to KTM for the 2010 season.

South Australian off-road rider Shane Diener will take to a KTM for the 2010 racing season, riding the 450 EXC – a bike he believes will help him achieve his 11th 24-Hour Trials title in July this year.

Riding for the love of dirt bikes rather than the love of podium glory, Diener hints that he is still a little excited about the potential of the KTM in a racing environment, recognising how highly regarded the KTM EXC range is for off-road motorcycle racing.

“I’ve ridden for a shop called SA Dirtbikes for the past nine years on a variety of manufacturers models, and when a locally collaborated approach from SA based companies came my way with an option to ride a KTM 450 EXC, I must confess the KTM tag line of “ready to race” entered my mind,” said Diener.

“My new ride for 2010 is a collaborated approach from KTM dealership Kessner Motorcycles, plus Grove Scafold & Scissor Hire, Chad’s Off-Road Set Ups, Spark Management, Bettabikes, Solomons Flooring and the company I work for Argoweld. Each of these companies are backing me with time, money and hands on support to race in the 24 Hour Trial, plus the SA Reliability Trials Series and the Australian Safari.

“I’ve been riding for over 20 years now, with Freeling approx 60 kilometres from Adelaide (SA) being my base. I’ll continue to focus on local events in South Australia, namely the Reliability Trials starting in May, but I’m really looking forward to heading to WA as well for the 2010 Australian Safari.

“I last entered the Australian Safari in 2008, and unfortunately collided with a Kangaroo, which came away from it better than me, as it hopped away, I sat on the dirt with a broken leg unable to finish the race.

“Nothing like that deters me though, and I’m really looking forward to a great year of racing ahead on the KTM 450 EXC.”